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  • Nicolai Nicolai Sep 7, 2012 8:18 PM Flag

    Keep Lehtonen or Luongo

    yee dont mess around with the legend !
    cause he knows that you cant tell if a goalie has a career year only by comparing his stats of different seasons. this guy only played for horrible teams, Dallas improved this season and finally he has a competititive team in front. give this guy a chance, at least he is a #1...

    Luongo is the better goaltender, but if he does land outside of vancouver it wont help is fantasy production a lot...if he stays in vancouver and grab again the starting job you have a heck of a goaltender here...if they stay with schneider... I wont give up a solid starter for a 30games guy...
    even a legend would not play that...

    so what we standard players have to consider: do you think Luongo can retake the starter job and get out 60 games of schneider, who got a big contract some month ago?
    Bachmann is a solid backup, but he wont challenge lehtonen for a lot of playing time.
    vancouver is the better team, but dallas is fine this season. Lehtonen will seize his opportunity to play for a good team finally !

    if you can hang on a little bit wait what happens to Luongo...where he ends up, to reevaluate it.

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    • Luongo played on bad Florida teams and was widely considered a top 3 fantasy goalie. He's still one of the best, wherever he goes. It can be argued that his value increases outside Vancouver when he's getting 60+ starts.

      When considering keepers, especially in net, I'd go with the guy who's mediocre season is on par with another guy's career year.

      40 games of Luongo is still better than 60 games of Lehtonen, ASSUMING the brittle goalie stays healthy.


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