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  • Mr. Bungle Mr. Bungle Aug 18, 2012 6:10 PM Flag

    Keeper Opinions

    I'd basically agree with your 4 forward choices; at C it's close between Getzlaf and RNH, but in a league where PIMs count and shots don't, Getzlaf is awesome. I'd also consider Sharp and Eriksson to be a toss-up, but I lean towards Eriksson personally.

    Boyle is definitely the best D of the bunch but he's highly replaceable at this late stage of his career and he's hardly a "must-have". Considering the quality of your other forwards it's hard to make the case for him.

    Fleury and Price are both great goalies, but they're not top 5; I'd definitely keep 1, but whether or not you keep both depends on what options are available in the draft. If the choices are thin, then yeah, go 4F, 2G. Otherwise, I'd go 5F and 1G.

    If I had to name names, either scenario will definitely have Ovie, Fleury and Ryan - with my personal preference adding Getzlaf and Eriksson. The 6th man would be dependent on position availability, and would come down to Price (G thin), RNH (C thin), or Sharp (W thin).

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