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  • DylanC DylanC Apr 8, 2012 11:00 PM Flag

    Which 5 keepers?

    I cam in 7th in my 12-team league this year. Categories counted are goals, assists, +/-, shots, PPP, blocked shots, and for goalies we count wins, sv %, GAA, and shutouts. We play 2 LW, 2 C, 2 RW, one utility player, 4 defense, and 2 goalies. I get to keep 5 players for the league next year, and I'm currently considering keeping Seguin, Eberle, Kessel, Thomas, and Nash, but would consider hanging onto Rask rather than Nash or Eberle. What do you all think? Here's my full roster:
    Tyler Seguin
    Rick Nash
    Mike Ribeiro
    Phil Kessel
    Jordan Eberle
    Patrick Marleau
    Brad Marchard
    David Perron

    Zdeno Chara
    Kris Letang
    Kevin Shattenkirk
    Kyle Quincy

    Tim Thomas
    Tukka Rask
    Devin Dubnyk
    JS Giguere
    Kyle Quincy

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    • lets see

      cats are Forwards 7-4 Goalies, so a good goalie values a lot.
      also you play Forwards 6-4 Defense + 1 utility which should be a goalie or forward. So you play a lot of Ds in comparison to forwards. so be aware: its easier to get 6 good forwards than 6 good Ds !

      Chara,Letang are LOCKS - in your setting far too valueable !
      to think not to keep is an absolute NO GO!
      Thomas is also a lock - look to draft a second goalie with your first draft pick next season !

      out of you forward group I would like Marleau most.
      He scores regular 30+goals, has a nice number of PPP, 250+SOG, is a plus player and blocks the most shots out of your maybe keep group. also he can end up as LW,C again...valuable!
      Eberle would be my number2 choice, but I think you can redraft him...Kessel looks first like the best goalscorer, but he is not that dominant in the other cats...let him go.

      That keeps you with:


      now for #5 you have 2 options:

      1) keep Nash and hope he ends up with a good team so he finally ends being a horrible minus player...he has so much talent...and maybe again LW,RW...
      2) Keep Shattenkirk! So you have 3 very good Ds locked up and can concentrate on drafting elite forwards...

      keep in mind: you can only have 6 forwards split on 3 categories(C,LW,RW)...+util. And 4 Ds on 1 category...(D)
      If you keep Ds you have more options to draft left !

    • you should keep seguin,Letang,thomas,nash and eberle


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