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  • Jake G Jake G Mar 21, 2012 1:46 PM Flag

    Varlamov or Hiller?

    Ok, my playoffs ends at the end of next week, and I'm currently trying to fix any kinks that I might have in my lineup. I currently have Hiller and Varlamov is still in the free agent pool for some reason. I'm thinking about dropping Hiller for Varlamov. All factors considered (amount of games, home and away, hot streak, probability of starting) which goalie would you rather have until April 1st? I also have Howard and Lundqvist. Lundqvist is untouchable, but I am also considering dropping Howard instead of Hiller due to his struggles lately and his injuries. He's currently listed as day-to-day but apparently he is ready to play tonight, though he won't get the start. Out of Howard, Hiller, and Varlamov, who would you drop for the season up until April 1st?

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    • This probably doesn't help much, but going off of MY league's rankings for the past 14 days:
      Hiller - 1 W, 4 L, 12 goals against, Rank = 98
      Howard - 0 W, 2 L, 11 goals against, Rank = 670
      Varlamov - 5 W, 1 L, 13 goals against, Rank = 65

      So going off of that, Howard is the clear choice to drop. You have Henrik to carry you, so this decision is not life-and-death. I know it sucks seeing a name like Jimmy Howard hit the FA...somebody dropped Jonathan Toews today. But that's the nature of the playoffs. You have to do what it takes to win. If he's injured, and playing poorly regardless, he's not doing you much good. And even if he DOES play, chances are he's playing through the injury.

      I would have to say Howard goes, though I really don't see much difference between dropping him OR Hiller. But I WOULD drop one of them for Varlamov. Hard to find a hotter goalie in the league right now, and it's the playoffs. Time to do what it takes to win.

      Please look at my thread: "Radulov: who goes?"

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      • Chris gave you some great advice. I was going to say Hiller but putting out the stats like that would sway my decision. I also agree that no matter the choice you make, you have a nice set of goalies to carry you through. I don't think you can go wrong wither way.

        That said, how in the world is Varlamov still a FA? I want to join a league like that! Haha!

        Would you mind answering my question titled "Another Radulov Question?" Thanks.

    • Nevermind, Howard is on the Can't Cut list. It's between Varlamov and Hiller still.


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