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  • Joseph Joseph Mar 20, 2012 3:56 AM Flag

    Radulov Who To Drop??

    Purcell or Stafford. Is Radulov even in the fantasy leagues yet? because i tried searching for him when they said he could play thursday and nothing

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    • will most likely be available after he appears in a game..

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      • From mike....

        From Yahoo!

        We appreciate your inquiry with regard to adding Alexander Radulov into
        the Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Hockey player pool.

        Due to NHLPA rules, no rookie or player rejoining the league can be
        added to Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Hockey until after he joins the players
        union. All players added to the game will be introduced to the player
        pool via waivers. Rookies and veterans who are not in the game will be
        added to the available player pool as soon as possible during the

        There is no set timeframe for the addition of new players, so you may
        not see player additions on the day following their NHL debut. However,
        the majority of players are added

        Note: You can find the list of players that have been added to the game
        by clicking "Players" then " NHL Roster Changes" to navigate to the
        Added players tab.


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