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    Playoffs have already started in my league and I didn't make it. I finished in 9th/10 teams. (this was a team I took over about a month ago) I've been doing a lot of trades to improve for the draft next year, we get to keep 8 players. I just traded for Lupul and Duchene which gives me 9 possible keepers:

    D. Sedin
    H. Sedin

    I still have until thursday to do anymore trades, should I try dealing Pacioretty for a high pick and keep Lupul and Duchene? OR who should my 8 keepers be?

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    • I would get rid of Shawn Thornton :)

    • Drop Duchene. Colorado is just going to ruin him. I don't see him ever producing like he has been expected to. Lupul's stock is just going up and up. Pacioretty is also on the rise and I think next year he'll be even better. I would consider ditching is Letang, but I would be hesitant to do so. He's still young and has shown consitent improvement.

      On a side note, I personally would also try to trade Chara. He is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay over valued in most fantasy leagues and he is getting a lot older. He is 34 (as far as we know), and his production will probably begin to decline within the next year or two. If you can get a younger, rising keeper (Phil Kessel production/age range) I would go for it.

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      • You don't see Duchene producing like he is supposed to??? He almost cracked 70 points last year as a 20 year old....Lupul is about to turn 29 and he FINALLY had a season like Duchene had as a ROOKIE. Not to mention Duchene missed time last year which means he was roughly a PPG player as a 20 year old? On a bad team?? Come on...that'd be like seeing Jimmy Howard's drop-off in production last year (also his 2nd season) and being like "well, that settles it, we're just not gonna see Howard produce like we expect him to...."

        Trading for Lupul and Duchene is wise as a 9th seed that's finished this year, but in keeper terms I'd expect better years from Duchene than Lupul. I'd be trying to package Chara + Lupul for a premium player. Don't sleep on Duchene....COL is much deeper up front than TOR is. TOR's 2nd line and beyond is a joke, and their front office is doing nothing about it.

      • I was planning on not keeping Duchene but I figured if I could get a 1st round pick for Pacioretty I might go for it. This league counts Hits, Shots, Blocks so Chara still is pretty valuable. If a good deal came along I would be open to it, but look at what guys like Lidstrom and even Timonen have done at their age


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