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  • David David Feb 27, 2012 1:42 AM Flag

    Best unknown player to pick up??

    Any players coming off IR, from the minors, on hot streaks, anybody like that who I might be able to steal?

    12 teams 20 skaters each. So its a deep league, I've got guys like Bertuzzi and Connolly who probably need to go.

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    • I'm in a 14 team 22 player keeper league so I feel your pain. If you're in a keeper too these are some guys you might want to look at.
      Carl Hagelin, rookie 25 pts in 42 games
      Jimmy Hayes, rookie Big winger lots of hits 9 pts in 19
      Colin greening, another rookie lots a hits and shots only 28 pts in 64 games
      Tyler bozak, plays a lot with lupul and vessel 36 pts
      Luca sbisa, young d man 21 pts lots of hits
      Jake gardiner, 19 pts tops for rookie d men
      Slavs voynov, rookie d men should get more playing time with j Johnson out of LA
      Stefan Elliot, gonna rock inthe future, playing ,more with Quincy out of colorado
      Ben bishop is he hasn't been grabbed. Top goalie in the ahl, ahl all star game MVP, just traded to ottowa but I heard they sent him down to ahl but might play with Anderson out
      Jacob markstrom, top goalie prospect, Also in the minors, wish I had him hes supposed to be the future in Florida

      These are the top under the radar guys I've watched all season

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      • Thank you for clarifying for me, yes a lot of the guys listed are already taken. A couple guys listed Zajac and Havlat, I actually have both waiting on IR, Someone listed Hagelin, I picked him up a few weeks ago and hes working out nicely playing with Richards and Gaborik/Callahan. Havlat is gunna take Jason Blake spot as soon as he's healthy...bad pickup on my part.

        Zajac is likely to not even return before my playoffs start in 3 weeks and Im in a battle just to make it in.

        In my league the worst players on each team are around .5 points per game...so I've got Bertuzzi and Connolly who had an ice cold month although got a few lucky goals this week.Also have Johansson but hes getting lots of opportunity in Washington and could break out any minute.

        Jiri Tlusty of Carolina had a 9 game points streak going but I chose not to pick him up as players always start doing bad when I get them, had a feeling about this guy and sure enough his streak was snapped first game after I found out about it. Monitor him.

        I traded Hornqvist and Zubrus and they immediately went on lengthy points streak, just ridiculous lol.

        Any other under the radar guys available?

        FYI. my goaltending is very solid with Halak and Smith, I have the best tandom in the league right now!

    • David Perron - St. Louis Blues

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      • Read the original post guys. 12 teams, 20 guys per team. None of those guys are likely to be available. Havlat is apparently coming back in the next week or 2 if someone got impatient with him given his long time on IR. Dunno if Hodgson would be available, but if he is he is likely to get way more minutes in Buffalo than he did with Van. Clitsome will replace Odouya in Winnipeg and could do well also.

    • Also check Andy McDonald... You never know...

    • Wayne Simmonds on Philly is consistently good for me. He might not have huge demand, so I would look into him.

    • Dave Bolland

    • Desharnais with Montreal, quietly having a good year.

    • marc staal, burmistrov, anisimov, parenteau, dorsett (if your league counts PIMs)

    • Travis Zajac


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