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  • Steve J Steve J Feb 21, 2012 4:07 PM Flag

    Help, I'll answer yours

    Backstrom hasn't even skated yet and he's already been out over a month since early January. Even when he starts skating he will still need time to get back into shape and have to do full contact practices as well. Backes got hit Saturday but if you did your research you would see he played over 20 minutes on Sunday so he is fine. Giroux and Backes have both been better than Bergeron and Iginla the entire season and the past 30 days, check the stats. Until you hear Backstrom is at least skating, do not do this trade

    • I realize that Backstrom has been out for a while. What you say about him is true, but he could come back by playoff time. And I did my research. I saw that Backes played 20+ mins. I actually did check the stats, particularly the past 30 days. But, Iginla has been heating up. I don't know why you say Backes has been better than Bergeron the whole season. I would say that they are both playing well. Bergeron does have more points than Backes. He is also on the better team I would say. Giroux is one heck of a player, so you wouldn't lose by having him on your team. All I'm saying there is please don't disrespect what I've said trying to help the guy.

      I suppose I did lose track that this is not a keeper. With that in mind, Backstrom won't give you very much playing time. Giroux has missed only four games. Now that I think more about it, Giroux/Backes is going to be your lower risk option. Also, probably your higher reward as well. If Backstrom can return sooner than expected though, I would go team A. But ONLY if you hear word that he is on his way.

    • I really think you have to look at this trade as if Backstrom wont be a fantasy asset for the rest of the year. He doesnt seem remotely close to returning, so you may only get a week or two from him, if that.

      So it turns into Backes/Giroux for Bergeron/Iginla, and in that case, I'd much rather have Giroux/Backes.

      Good luck!


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