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  • Stuart Stuart Feb 21, 2012 8:13 AM Flag

    Help, I'll answer yours

    In a non-keeper, head-to-head, where the categories are Goals, Assists, PPG, PPA, Shots, +/-, Wins, GAA, SV% and Shutouts.

    Team A gets: Backes and Giroux

    Team B gets: Patrice Bergeron, Iginla and Backstrom (Washington)

    Who wins? Assume the FA pool is dece, we have 10 teams, some of which aren't that active with drops and adds and we have unlimited moves so we can rotate easily

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    • Thank you so much everyone, by far the best response I've ever gotten from the forum. I did the trade taking Giroux and Backes, but I was told by people in my league that I was losing badly, that I was ripping him off and that I had the slight edge. I didn't know what to think, so I'm glad and apprececiate everyone who gave me their insight.

    • Team A will win. I dunno if Backstrom will even play again this year and Backes has an edge in PIM and Shots. Giroux is playing amazing and will continue to do so.

    • I've done a bit of research because I was interested in this trade. By the end of the research, I've changed my mind from saying that team A would win.

      I would take team B in this trade.

      Backstrom IS injured. Iginla has skill and he has linemates. He cannot compete with Giroux in power play production. Giroux has 68 points in 54 games. He also has 31 power play points. He is a great player across the boards. Thing is, you aren't trading Iginla for Giroux. Iginla and his line have been fired up lately. They have a connection going and that could really get their team behind the objective and get everyone into it; it is all good.

      Backes took a shot the other day, a cross-check in the head, and had to leave the game. That leaves you with injuries on both sides. Backstrom's injury has been healing so he could be back during playoff time. It comes down to Bergeron, who outproduces Backes and Backes just got injured. That is a huge win there. Iginla with Backstrom coming back later vs. Giroux. Giroux is a weapon, but his opponents know that. As it gets closer to playoff time, the games get more and more serious. Teams are going to want to cover the guy (if they can). But, Dale Hunter wants to keep his job. Once Backstrom comes back, the whole team will gain an offensive master and Hunter will put him in as much as possible to ensure a playoff spot and his job for next year.

      With that said, you have Team B (altogether) outscoring Team A. Down the stretch, B gets the edge. Even if the Iginla line cools, the FA is always there...

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      • Backstrom hasn't even skated yet and he's already been out over a month since early January. Even when he starts skating he will still need time to get back into shape and have to do full contact practices as well. Backes got hit Saturday but if you did your research you would see he played over 20 minutes on Sunday so he is fine. Giroux and Backes have both been better than Bergeron and Iginla the entire season and the past 30 days, check the stats. Until you hear Backstrom is at least skating, do not do this trade

    • I think Team A is getting the better of it. Backstrom doesn't seem to be coming back anytime soon. Giroux alone beats Igi and Bergeron on PPP plus throw in what Backes produces. +/- isn't much of a difference, Backes is a plus 17 himself. There's no faceoff wins in this league so that won't matter. Stick with Giroux and Backes

    • Jeez, if Backstrom wasn't injured this would be absolute robbery for Team B. Still, if he comes back in time for the fantasy playoffs, it's still a good move. I think either one of Iginla or Bergeron is better than Backes, especially now that Iginla's got Jokinen and Tanguay going. Giroux is a really valuable player, but you get the faceoff wins back from Bergeron plus a huge +/- boost.

      I think, if Backstrom comes back at some point this season, it's a terrific trade for Team B. Even if not, it's still a decent trade for B, but it's a lot more even. I'm gonna give the edge to B on the chance that Backstrom comes back.

      Help with mine? Thread's called "RNH on IR...again"

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      • I have to say that what Chris wrote is one of the best replies I've ever read on the fantasy boards. Even if you don't like his advice, it's well thought out and gives you pros and cons of the move. Well done Chris.

        The only downside I see is that Jokinen and Tanguay can be streaky and sometimes don't carry their own weight. That said, Iginla can carry the Flames for weeks on end no matter his line mates.

        Playing Devil's advocate here, you really cannot expect Backstrom to return soon. It seems like guys with concussions are usually slow to return. There's exceptions, but I expect the Caps to play it safe.

        Still, I think I go with B as well.

        If you could help with mine titled "Need to drop one. Who's Your Choice?" That would be great.


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