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  • Jimmy Jimmy Feb 8, 2012 9:34 PM Flag

    Giving advice for trades...

    Team A gets Datsyuk, Ryan O'Rielly, Duncan Kieth 6-7-and 8th round picks

    Team B gets B.Richards, Briere, Cole 1-2-and 3 round picks

    but also willing to trade lecavalier, garrison, and vrbata

    Help me out what do ya think or put somethin together for me please thanks

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    • Okay, to me, this almost seems like a fair trade off, due to next years picks,

      The team who gets Datsyuk, O'Rielly, and Keith, to me are going to be well off this year. That's a win for them.

      However, the team who has Richards...who has been a bust (contract aside), Briere who has 30 points and is on a good philly team and cole who has 39 points on a rocky montreal team...seems to me that whoever gets these guys is looking towards next season..

      Why I say that is because of the round picks. Team B obviously is getting better "next year" picks, rather than Team A.

      Depends on which side you are. Where are you this year? Are you tossing this year out the window and looking towards next year?

      If you are solid this year and in contention and you're Team A, well then Team A is the winner

      If your team is flat out done this year. Then Team B wins, that is, if you're team B. Getting 1-2-3 round picks with those guys (richards who i would assume would bounce back, briere is going to be consistent and cole is just cole) you're in good shape for next year.

      Lecavalier, garrison, and vrbata....all depends on which team you are...can't put together something for you when I don't know your team.

      I know this is broad, but its all the info that I'm given.

      Hope it helps.

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      • My team is Richards, Cole, and Briere i want to get Team A. i also have those 3 other guys im willing to throw in or something. My team is in 3rd team B the other guys team A is in 6th. its a keeper we get to keep 6 of any players as long as they were drafted which is obvious.

        F-Joikinen, gagner, cole,b richards, d sedin, eberle, neal, elias, lecavalier, vrbata, seguin,briere, peverley (peverleys spot is an open space for me depending on who plays certain nights i'll drop him if that makes sense)

        D-wideman, garrison, bieksa

        G-Broduer, price

        My keepers as of now
        Neal, Sedin, Eberle, Seguin, and idk if i can get the trade datsyuk would be my 5th keeper


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