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  • crazycroat crazycroat Feb 6, 2012 8:45 PM Flag

    fix me please!

    I just dropped out of 1st.
    Currently in 2nd should def make playoffs.
    12 teams, non keeper, G,A,P,+\-,PIM,PPP,SOG,HIT
    Goalie W,L,SV,SA,SV%,SHO

    Centers: Getzlaf Fisher Zetty
    Left W: Fleishman, Stalberg, Versteeg
    Right W: Horton, Callahan, Malkin
    Def: Timonen, Edler, Chara, White
    Goalies: Howard, Backstrom, Harding
    I?: Crosby & Duchene

    ( I have injuries that are hurting, was forced to drop brierre because Horton is out too, and now Howard)

    FA List: (Narrowed by pts)
    R.O'Rielly, Stepan, Legwand, Oshie, Read, Wellwood, Craig Smith
    Foligno, Simmonds, Bozak, Zubrus, Brierre.

    Defensively players deserving of roster spot:
    Yandle (avail today),MAC, Bowmeester, E.Johnson, McDonagh, Bohosian, Potter, Gunnarson, larsson.

    Goalies: (Narrowed by % Owned)
    Rasmussen, Varlamov, Khabbibulin, Nabakov, Giggy, Roloson, Dubnyk, S.Mason, Emery, Mantoya.

    Thanx for every effort and advice guys, ill gladly help back.

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    • Hmmm not much you can do, but with Howard out you definitely don't want to rely on Backstrom and Harding to get you through the rest of the season. If you have faith in Crosby coming back and with Duchene hopefully returning when your playoffs kick in. I would try to package up one of your centres with Backstrom (Probably Zetterberg) for an adequate goaltender.

      Your stats are very goaltender reliant. So even packaging up Getzlaf and Backstrom would be well worth it for an even better quality tender.

    • honestly I don't think there is much you can do with FA's. Maybe Simmonds with PIM and Hits. I have Yandle and am considering dropping him myself. He's terrible. Everyone says he's great but I looked at his stats and last year was the only year that stands out. He's the worst player on my team right now.

    • seems you have only 2 IR spots.
      crosby is looking to return soon !
      keep howard and when he goes IR change with Sid...

      I dont like the FA goalies very much - maybe gamble and look for McDonald of the Wings to replace howard (its risky but he may reward you...he is better than conklin - he will prove )

      look also out for nabokov and Bishop as the wings may trade for one of them !

      would drop Fisher in this case - yeah he is playing great but with Sid back soon (lets hope!) you have a lot of Cs...wouldt drop Zetty over Fisher...

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      • to save myself from typing i agree with Nicolia. You can flip howard for Crosby on the IR, but remember there is no time-table for Crosby's return it could still be a week if not 2 till he returns. Your team still looks pretty solid....If crosby doesnt return soon you will have a choice to make at the Goalie because like he said you only have 2 IR's..if you must make a change I would swap MacDonald for Fisher.....Goodluck to yah!!!!

      • First of al thatnx for reply. The kids return will bring back core and push back into what was the reason for the peek in 1st. Place. (...hoping)

        ...the rotation on I? is a must, very much agree. Thanx.

        Finally, anyone else? That is NOT Just impressed by the sport of hockey by the ballerina play fragile soft, Crosby, and would suggest a potential trade offer i could use to upgrade my team with him...this is from a pens fan, I'm convinced in Malkins power,heart,skill and no backchecking Russian play that he can manage this team. He is on the roster.


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