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  • AnzeSaint. AnzeSaint. Jan 25, 2012 12:13 PM Flag

    best in the nhl

    coach= danny b or trotz
    d= girardi or del zotto
    forward= stamkos/seguin ( 2 best scorers in the league) then malkin
    goalie= rinne

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    • I understood & gave my opinion.

      MDZ fell off in January.

      Yea, at least my work day went by faster!
      Have fun too.

    • I may be guilty of being a homer, but I have to pick Datsyuk as the best overall forward in real life. Fantasy is different where certain stats count. Datsyuk is not only an offensive force, but he is so good defensively in ways that don't show up in the fantasy stats. He also and makes whoever is lucky enough to play with him better. I'd have to choose him to build my team around even though he is an underrated pick.

    • If you would have understood what the post was about, I wouldn't have had to include that. You could say MDZ was top, but you would have been even more incorrect. How's he doing lately? haha. Anyways, this has been fun but I think it's run its course. Have fun.

    • If you would've 'agreed' without including "which is what this post is about" I wouldn't have replied saying "thanks for quoting me".

      But as usual you can't just answer a post without being condescending.

      Im not biased b/c Im from NY. If I was then I could argue the fact that MDZ is among the top 3 if you want to go on + -. And offensively MDZ has more points than Girardi.

      once again... my OPINION is that Giradi is A top D.
      not THE top D. which was my reply to the post.

    • Really, I keep going on and on? You just wrote a damn paragraph as a response, what are you doing? And no, the original poster was absolutely incorrect. I am arguing with you because just about everything you have posted since then is incorrect. And you say that should have been the end of it, and yet you were the one who started it. I agreed with you that he was "a" top, but said he was not "the" top. You then posted a bitchy "thanks for quoting me" response that started this whole thing. Way to go. And just because you're from New York doesn't mean you should be blinded to stats. Girardi is not offensive? Great. Then lets look at possibly the most important D man stat, plus minus. There are currently 25 d with a better plus minus than him. Of these 25, 17 have equal or greater point totals. So at best, he is a top 20 or so defender. Great. Not what was being discussed in this post.

    • I comprehend it just fine.
      You just don't get the fact that you gave your opinion & I gave mine. That should've been the end of it. Your answer/opinion isn't wrong & neither is mine. Why you continue to keep going on & on & you just don't get the point is beyond me.

      Most of the time I just post to make sure that Im making the right decisions. I already have my mind made up but I like to see if people feel the same way or if people have reasons why I shouldn't do something that I may have missed. I know a lot but I don't know it all. (like you apparently do)

      I also won't post exactly what my plan is because people in my league read these boards & I don't want them to see who Im thinking of grabbing so that they don't beat me to it. (it's happened before)

      So you're saying that you are arguing with me because my post was absolutely incorrect? Me saying that Girardi isn't the top D but he is a top D is absolutely incorrect?

      Like I said.. he may not be an offensive Dman (because thats what a lot people seem to constitute as being a TOP D) but he is a hell of a Dman. He protects Lundi & the net like a mad man. He'd throw himself in front of a truck if he had to.

      I believe that I've answered your posts before as well. But I don't judge people by their posts. Nobody knows it all. (except u)

    • Yes, that's exactly what it means. Your inability to comprehend this honestly surprises me. And boo hoo I'm a jerkoff and I was mean to the original poster...is he 5? Did I hurt his feelings? By the way, never said "you're an idiot" I asked "are you an idiot?" Slight difference haha. And like I said, the majority of my posts are legitimate answers. In fact, I have even answered a couple of your posts (even though they were ridiculous questions that anyone who knows hockey shouldn't be asking). I only argue when people post absolutely incorrect things.

    • HAHA
      You're kidding right?
      You're the one who doesn't get it. You are the 3 year old here. Not me!

      There was no reason to call the guy an idiot or ask him what world he's reporting from. You come off as a complete jerkoff when ever you answer people.

      There was no reason for you to come back and try to explain to me "what this post is about" after I made my Girardi comment.

      Your answer.... Girardi is not the top D.
      My answer.... Girardi is not the top D but he is a top D.

      Done. End of story. You gave your 2 cents about Girardi. I gave my 2 cents about Girardi.

      But you always have to go on & on like your opinion is the holy grail.

      Just because I elaborated a little bit more when I answered doesn't mean that I didn't understand the original post.

    • This is like arguing with a 3 year old...let's try again. Yes I said Girardi is a top D. I then said he is a Joe Schmo in the context of whether he is in contention for the top d. Not a Joe Schmo in general, only in relation to being THE top d. How are you not understanding this? And again showing your lack of reading comprehension, I said if we are going to look at everybody who is a top player at their position, then we may as well just start naming every good player in the league. Who posts whiny posts? You. Maybe you don't recall them, but at least a couple times you have made posts consisting of "this is ridiculous, I help everyone but no one will help me." I come on here for the same reason others have stated....the ESPN message boards are a joke, these ones at least have people posting topics. And no, the majority of my posts are answers to questions. My name is David, not really sure what that accomplishes. Please stop responding if I am going to have to explain everything to you like I would my 2 year old daughter.

    • So, first you agree that Girardi is a top D but now you're saying he's a Joe Schmo?

      You said hes not the top D & I said he's not the top D but he is a top D. You definitely have some issues you need to deal with.

      And where did I go off topic and start naming solid players at their respective positions? ummm no where. I was replying to the comment about Girardi being the top D.

      And who posts "whiny" posts?? The only time (2 or 3 times) that I say "hello, I need help... I help you guys... help me out" is when I need an answer ASAP. If it's something I can wait on then I don't care. But there have been a few times where I was looking to see if I was making the right decision right then & there.

      If you have no association with yahoo accounts then why do you bother to come on here and always call people "idiot" or to discount what other people say like your opinion is always the correct one??

      If people don't agree with you or your way of doing things then they're automatically wrong & you start an argument.

      Yes.. I looked in the dictionary under "manning up" and it said "posting under your own name on yahoo forums"

      You can google it.

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