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  • Dpern Dpern Jan 24, 2012 12:45 PM Flag

    Is 5 goalies bad stradegy?

    1 year, h2h, 8 teams. There are 2 starting goalie spots each night, 2 C, 2 LW, 2 RW, 4 D
    My goalies are Niemi, Halak, Vokoun, Hiller, and Bryzgalov. I recently picked up Halak and Hiller before anyone else could-because they've been so hot lately I couldn't watch them sit as FA.

    It's kind of hard to trade any of them, people take so long to reply to trade offers but what do you say I do with them? Is it ideal to have 3 goalies?

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    • 5 dose seem like alot, they are all good though Bryz is having a rough year. i am currently have 4 goalies.


    • I would keep Halak and Niemi and dump the rest. How many bench spots do you have? If you are worried I might keep 3 goalies. Forwards seem to be dropping like flies. Wouldn't be a bad idea to keep some depth.

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      • Well we got a total of 16 spots on the roster (8F,3D,5G)

        There are no good C worth picking up on FA so I may as well hold onto all of these goalies. Dumping these guys is harder than you think with people taking forever to get back to you about trades and such. But there's no point on dropping of any of these goalies because I know they can be used as trade bait.

    • I have 2 goalies. H2H - 2 x C, 2 x LW, 2 x RW, 2 x D, and 2 x G available to use every night. My goalies are Quick and Bryzgalov. I haven't used Bryz in a month because he sucks. I run with 1 goalie (GGA, SV%, W, SO) and I win half of those every week in my 14 team 14 category pool. I am also in first by a landslide and my league is a keeper league that has been running for 4 years. I would keep your best 2 because you can always rely on 1 if need be. I only have to play 2 goalie games each week. What is your minimum?

    • Seems like overkill...how is your offense with so much tied into goaltending?

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      • My forwards are: Kopitar, E.Staal, St. Louis, Ovechkin, Kovalchuk, Parise, Nash, Ryan. Yes I only have 2 C right now, but I'm trying to trade a forward + goalie for a good centre.

        Forgot to mention it's total points weekly wins. To get an idea, goals and assists are worth 3 points, shots worth .10. For goalies wins are 5 points, shutouts are 5 points, each save is .15, and each goal against is -1.

    • Depends on the scoring. I'm in some leagues where goalies are weighed very heavily. In those I tend to have a high stash of tenders. Plus goalie is the shallowest position, good trade bait. I'd though in a 1 year like you are in try to ship 1 or 2 for strong offense.


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