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    Goalie Talk!

    So- I own Fleury, Ward, and Reimer. I'm disgusted with two of the three net minders. They're good picks, but lately (Reimer,) and all season (Ward,) good grief...

    Schneider, Biron, Giguere, Nabokov, Montoya, Hedberg, Sanford...

    Stats counted are Wins, GAA, SV%, and Shutouts. Will any of these buggers play more (and better) than my two disappointments?

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    • i agree with his career stats and also agree its going to be tough to make a trade with these goalies to get a top teir goalie, it wont happen

    • get nabokov instead reimer

    • This is exactly right.

    • I'm not just using this season to judge him, I am using every season of his career. He is known for being a goalie who will get you a lot of wins but subpar ratios. Take a look at his last 20 or so games...look at in how many of them his save percentage is under .900. I'm not saying he is a bad goalie, but he is not elite either, and packaging 2 mediocre guys together is not going to lead to one elite guy in return.

    • compared to other goalies right now MA fluery isnt doing as well as he started the season but pittsburgh is plagued with injuries, hard to measure a goalie whose playing for a team like pitt right now, but he is posting a 2.23 gaa and a .914 save % which is very good andi think hes 3rd or 4th in the league in wins too

    • Fleury is not one of the best goalies, this year or any other. He is one of the most overrated goalies in the league who is only really great for wins. Look at his career stats....last year was the first time his ratios have been at a fairly high level.

    • well straight to the point, backstrom needs to come back and preform the way he did at the begginning of the year if he does and minnesota starts winning, then id conside adding him for whoever is killing ur stats each week, ward gave me tons of stats are but early on killed my gaa and save % so he was my drop, but right now keep hiller hes hot, keep bryz hes won 3 of his last 4 and turning things around and ward i really hate but is a monster work horse and playing better

    • thanks that was like an essay of good thoughts about them thanks alot

    • backstrom had been aweful before getting hurt giving up 3 or 4 per game

      if u look at the last 30 days ward suprisingly is the best goalie in almost every stat there is besides goals against but plays the most minutes and makes the most saves by far that he has the best gaa and save percentage, backstom has a win and 21 goals against in his last 30, bryz has been pretty bad as of late but had a solid game the other night and hopefully be worth the cash there payin him in philly i have high expectations for bryz regardless of the slump hes been in, although bryz and backstom are starting to get dropped in some leagues, id keep bryz hilller and ward of the 4.

      Going by the stats which is all i do, i dont care what ppl did last year or what their expectations for this year are, i go off the stats(although i do have expections like I mentioned for bryz) philly is a good team and play well in front of him or bob so etheir goalie will get wins.
      Hiller is playing the secondmost on this list and over the last 30 days NOT GAMES is putting up the second best gaa and save percentage and playing the 2nd most minutes and made the 2nd most saves compared to ward

      go by the stats backstrom and the wild started off the season top in the league and he was a must start goalie but that was the beginning of the season they have fallen off bad i think there 2-6-2 in their last 10, i dont see harding or backstrom worth owning til minnesota starts winning again

      philly and anaheim will still get the wins and hill and bryz will continue to play well once again yes bryz has sucked in the last month or so ever since the classic, i personally think being benched for the classic pissed him off and screwed with his head, watching 24/7 clearly bryz is not all there and i can tell that shit gets to him easily, hell turn it around

      ward sucks i hate everythign about ward but over the last month hes been a complete 360 from how he started off the season, carolina is finding ways to win a few here and there which is providing ward with wins and as much as i hate him he plays as much as if not more than the majority of starting goalies in the league. he went from allowing upwards of 3-5 goals a game to around 2 per lately, hes been better and is a work horse, dont know what your stats are what the league counts so without knowing the cats u need i would just go off the stats and not bother with backstrom until the wild start winning some games and see if its him or harding getting the wins

      i wouldnt really want to own any of the 4 but i have had ward and i like bryz a lot and statwise hiller i think has won 4 of his last 5 allowing less than 1.5 goals a game is def worth holding while hes on a hot streak

      backstrom has to prove he can be an asset again after returning from injury, i grabbed lehtonen right before he came back and he had a couple horrible games after returning and also had a couple great games but i wanted someone proven to win so i traded lehtonen, wait to see if backstrom returns to how he was the first month of the year, if he does, grab him and drop whoever is doing the worst or is hurting your categories teh most week to week

    • in terms of stats, biron is great backup but the problem is, is just that he is a backup to big H, i dont see biron getting a ton of starts but he has a great team to back him up and give him wins

      i had ward too he pissed me off everynight i used to post on the hurricanes facebook page about how much he sucked luckily i got kari lehtonen off waivers right before he came back from injury and dropped ward, however i ended up trading lehtonen in a trade to acquire jimmy howard

      ur best bet is to try and package a trade together, ward has been unbelievable compared to how he started the season but the canes do suck and ward will get a ton of starts but i dont see him turning it around into good winning stats

      reimer i dont care for i think he sucks all around sucks

      fluery is great, maybe try to package fluery and ward for a better goalie? and a decent back up

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      • I only wish I could do that. I went after Quick two months ago, guy said "maybe," but now Quick is still unbelievable.

        It's a private league, but most people don't respond to trades. Sucks, but they just don't look at their rosters. It's sad.

        I've gotten to offer my Max P+ Koivu for Kesler, and Jagr +Suter for Pavelski + Burns, both accepted, earlier in the season and just this week. But now, to get a goalie, that's hard.

        Quick would be my #1 target, then maybe King Henrik, Lehtonen, or Halak/Elliot. Maybe lower with Anderson?

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