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  • matt matt Jan 13, 2012 9:25 AM Flag

    Massive Trade = Perfection

    I recieved Ryan Suter, Shea Weber, and Jimmy Howard

    I traded Ryan McDonagh, Kimmo Timonen, Kari Lehtonen

    This is the best hockey trade i have ever made, hoping it doesnt get vetoed, needs 4 of 10 votes to veto and i know three ppl accepted it and one person has no interest in the league, and one person is myself so of the 5 remaining teams, hopefully 2 of them dont veto this trade

    my team is already in first and im going to continue to dominate this league and win my money

    my team 10 team league CATS are
    Goals/ Assists/ +/- / Shots on Goal/ Average Ice Time/ PIM/ Power PLay Points/ Wins/ Goals Against/ Save %

    F- Tyler Seguin
    F- Milan Lucic
    F- Brad Marchand
    F- Patrice Bergeron
    F- Phil Kessel
    F- Alex Ovechkin
    F- Evander Kane
    F- Curtis Glencross
    F- Bryan Little ( hes my flex/plug and player )
    F- Jason Pomoniville
    F- Dustin Brown
    F- Rick Nash
    F- Logan Couture
    D- Zdeno Chara
    D- Kevin Bieska
    D- Alexander Elder
    D- Ryan Suter
    D- Shea Weber
    D- Dan Girardi
    G- Tim Thomas
    G- Jimmy Howard
    G- Tukka Rask

    Waiver WIre is Pretty Stacked, this is an extremely active league, if you need a win, some ppl will drop anyone to get the stats they need so current wire is above average talent wise

    Ryan McDonagh
    Kyle Quiney
    Sheldon Souray
    Alex Goligoski
    Joran Leopold
    Marc Staal
    David Legwand
    Mikhail Gravovski
    Rich Peverly
    Tim Connolly
    Trevor Daley
    Shawn Horcoff
    Valclay Prospal
    Pascal Dupuis
    Jordan Staal
    Saku Koivu
    Chris Kelly
    Nick Leddy
    all available

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    • ya i do espn leagues too i also use this board because the feedback on the espn boards are like one response per week, and luckily i dont have a wife yet ive been together with someone 6 years but we are not married yet so i also have a life and other things to spend money on , but a little friendly wager is worth it when you know your stats

    • Haha dude you can't even form a coherent sentence, you're not an editor of anything. And champ, this is my wife's account, so I'm not really having a problem getting laid (I don't have a yahoo account and don't want one. I'm in ESPN leagues but like the yahoo message boards better.) And affording 200 bucks isn't a problem. I just prefer to spend my money on my wife, daughter, and having a life, not on little games. I do fantasy for fun and competition. Later bud.

    • ha im actually a news editor for 98.5 sports hub im done with the back and forth with u, u need to go get laid u have some serious bitch issues its just enough, and maybe if u didnt sit at home and be the message board nazi maybe u would be able to afford 200 bucks for a fantasy league

    • What does being a janitor at a sports station have to do with fantasy hockey? And I've won my league (a real one not a hack one like yours) 3 years in a row, but I sure as hell wouldn't blow 200 bucks on a game.

    • i based it on the fact ive won 3 of 3 years i work for a sports station in boston and know a lot of fantasy sports i do bball football and baseball as well

      yes we had to pay online before joining th eleague i know one person who ive friended on facebook and talked trades to during the season but havent made any deals with him yet, he allowed the trade he said he didnt veto it

    • Now you're contradicting yourself. You had to have paid before the season started....and you said you don't know anyone else in the league....which means you paid 200 before you had any idea about the level of competition. It had nothing to do with you knowing you would win, unless you lied about the other aspects.

    • 200 bucks yea because i know ill win, im sayin this kid in particular must be rich to not give a shit about the money

      and yes im in a league with impatient owners , this is the easiest league ive ever been in , not bragging to you, simply poisting a trade thats it jeez give it a rest already

    • Haha not dropping stars when they get a 3 week injury does not mean you know fantasy hockey man. You're playing in leagues with morons if people are doing that, which makes winning 3 even less impressive. And ya, that rich bastard, as opposed to the rest of you poor slums who all forked out 200 bucks to play a game...

    • You're league is a complete joke.

      • 3 Replies to Harold Carmichael
      • Ya man, your league looks like a joke. You even said this guy drafted all Flyers from the beginning, so he was never intending on ever competing. And you can try to pretend it's fair all you want but Lehtonen dos not = Howard, and Timmonen does not = Suter. This is your 3rd or 4th post trying to brag about your team. Congrats, you're first in a shit league.

      • Wasn't even home when someone went into my account and stared fights becuae of the canucks as well as pissing of f my fantasy basketball message board and picking a fight with two kids in my league that why i changed my name, and my entire account becuase having bruins as a password was a bit obvious.I don't eve care anymore I get almost 2 grand if I win so that's what I care about cuz if u look at the stats its not crazy of a trade and yea ne added all flyers and I've only posted aboht two trades which was a repeat post of this exact tradeso only trade someppl are idits in my league and by some of the other tradws ives seen on this board clearly tons of other leagues are full of idiots, but im also one of many of yoh who are taking advantage of other ppl s impatient and stupid moves

      • I'd have to agree about that. From what I've seen in the last couple post by Matt who recently changed his posting name because of a thread the other day he started when the bruins lost he threw a hissy fit. Either way every trade you have posted on here is crazy and anyone with any knowledge of hockey wouldn't do them. Didn't some guy in your league drop all his players to get all Philly players?? Whats the point of bragging if your playing in a league that makes moves like this one. Congrats your the king of the stupids

    • I really hope you get vetoed because this trade your speaking of makes me think your league is filled with collusion.

      • 1 Reply to ryan a
      • Yea except for the fact none of us know each other it was an espn public pay league that we all entered I don't know a single person in the league and I've actually fought verbally with two guys who I accused of collusuon early on which I posted a complaint about on this board. Ill find out tonight if I get vetoed or not but regardless I got weber for mcdonagh straight up hopefuly get howard, look at the stats they are all pretty similar the only bigggg steal was getting weber for, cdonagh suter and timpnen have equal stats in every cat besides minutes which my league counts, and timon has. Abetter plus minus

        Howard and lehtoned both have the same amt of loses and almost identical save percentage and gaa howard has playeds more games because of lehtonens injurt ealy on

        If anything im hyped up about the trade but go and compare all the stats with the stats my league counts

        penelty minutes
        average time on ice
        shots on goal
        goalie wins
        goals against average
        save percentage
        power play points and ull see the only big steal in the deal was weber for mcdonagh otherwise timonen and suter are equal in all cats and timonen has better plus minus but less time on ice both 13 ppp and suter has moreshots on goal timonon has 1 goal 25 assits so 26 points and suture 5 ggoal20 assits so 25 points so once again the trade of suter howard for lehtonen timonen is even

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