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  • Harold Carmichael Harold Carmichael Jan 13, 2012 3:42 PM Flag

    Massive Trade = Perfection

    You're league is a complete joke.

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    • Wasn't even home when someone went into my account and stared fights becuae of the canucks as well as pissing of f my fantasy basketball message board and picking a fight with two kids in my league that why i changed my name, and my entire account becuase having bruins as a password was a bit obvious.I don't eve care anymore I get almost 2 grand if I win so that's what I care about cuz if u look at the stats its not crazy of a trade and yea ne added all flyers and I've only posted aboht two trades which was a repeat post of this exact tradeso only trade someppl are idits in my league and by some of the other tradws ives seen on this board clearly tons of other leagues are full of idiots, but im also one of many of yoh who are taking advantage of other ppl s impatient and stupid moves

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      • Dude, you're a phony. You've changed your named multiple times on these boards and you are probably running multiple teams in the league you're talking about. No one in their right mind would make the trades you've mentioned. You're not smart; you're not taking advantage of mistakes. You're league is a farce and you own multiple teams.

        P.S. That Vancouver beatdown of Boston was a thing of beauty.

    • Ya man, your league looks like a joke. You even said this guy drafted all Flyers from the beginning, so he was never intending on ever competing. And you can try to pretend it's fair all you want but Lehtonen dos not = Howard, and Timmonen does not = Suter. This is your 3rd or 4th post trying to brag about your team. Congrats, you're first in a shit league.

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      • ya good for me i know what i am doing and i know how to take advantage of other poeples mistakes, like i also mentioned stat wise suter and timonen are equal no doubt that they are not and with out weber suter hasnt scored a single point and both are injury risks where as timonen hasnt missed a single game even after he got his ass handed to him and they thought hed be out weeks, and if lehtonen was never hurt hed have close to 20 22 wins howard has 25, yes howard is clearly better but im not saying i got howard and suter for someone like joe corvo and mike smith or even a kyle quincey and cam ward type of thing i gave up 2 very solid and if anything almost as good playerrs, did i ever say i didnt get a perfect trade, im not going on here sayin u all suck im a miracle worker look at me im trying to get feed back like everyone else as if i should try to do anything else with the guys on waivers and i originally turned down suter for kimmo one for one bc i liked kimmo a lot and drafted him whereas he just wanted a flyer player and also i was in the midst of getting weber so i ddint need the trade so i figured if i could get howard itd be awesome, trade still hasnt gone through, but im guessin it should someone said themselves they wouldnt veto it

    • I'd have to agree about that. From what I've seen in the last couple post by Matt who recently changed his posting name because of a thread the other day he started when the bruins lost he threw a hissy fit. Either way every trade you have posted on here is crazy and anyone with any knowledge of hockey wouldn't do them. Didn't some guy in your league drop all his players to get all Philly players?? Whats the point of bragging if your playing in a league that makes moves like this one. Congrats your the king of the stupids


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