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  • Ardo Ardo Jan 12, 2012 8:20 PM Flag

    Emery or Bobrovsky?

    Who would you rather own going forward? 14-team points league w/ deep (3-line + F + UTIL + 5 D) rosters and very competitive/active owners. Surprised that Emery is out there given how thin people can get @ GK w/ so many teams, but he is (he was dropped by a Crawford owner and cleared waivers...seeing as how he starts tonight, though, someone will scoop him up soon).

    My GKs:

    I. Bryzgalov
    C. Ward
    J. Gustavsson
    S. Bobrovsky

    GKs are a bit more weighted in points than skaters in this league. Positive Categories: Wins, Saves, SO. Negative Categories: Losses, GA.

    Who do you see having more value over the remainder of the season....Bob or Reimer (or even throw Gustavsson in there but he is on fire lately w/ 5 straight starts now). Crawford seems to be back in Q's favor so Emery has done very little for me lately, while Bob got yet another start over Bryz tonight.

    Or....consider dropping a skater for Emery and trying to then trade Bryz or Bob for a skater immediately?? There are some teams out there that are really hurting for a GK...


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    • Bobrovsky has played well all season, and has now put back to back wins together, which were really impressive.

      I had Emery for awhile, but dropped him once it was clear he was not going to be getting the majority of starts in the future.

    • ** Bob or Emery, not Bob or Reimer (Reimer is obviously not available).

    • It's a tough call, bc Bryz is the media darling and they're going to want to prove they didn't waste the salary cap on him but he hasn't been all that great this year so they're going to give Bob more starts....but most likely it's only going to be to light a fire under Bryz's ass. Emery has played pretty well when he's played, and I think he's more likely to steal starts from Crawford...who is basically a nobody on a good team. I think in Chi they're going to consistently go with who's playing well...where as in Philly Bryz is always going to have the upper hand. If Emery is ranked higher I'd go with him. If not I'd stick with Bob (and I may check the avg stats over the last 30 days. If you get the same result I'd stick with the highest ranked)

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      • Yeah it really comes down to what Philly wants to do w/ Bryz, doesn't it? And there's no way to tell. Sure they don't want to admit they blew a ton of cap space on the guy, but I'm sure they think he can get it together in the offseason and will be fine. In the meantime, though, they have a legit shot at the Cup and need to make sure they're riding the hot hand to keep up w/ BOS and NYR at the top of the East. Problem w/ average stats over last 30 days is Emery was on fire about 3-4 weeks ago while Bob was in the backseat, but lately CHI has been going to Crawford consistently while Bob gets all the starts in Philly. My gut says Bryz will get it together before the end of the year and start putting up those numbers we saw in Phoenix. But since it is a points league, you can get buried in the standings by banking on a few cold players for a few weeks. Losing by a hair doesn't help you in the standings like a standard h2h; you either get the win or the loss. I'll have to see how Emery and Bob both play tonight...that will have an impact on their playing time I'm sure.


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