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  • Jeremy Jeremy Dec 29, 2011 1:54 PM Flag


    Should I drop Rask for Emery? I currently have Thomas and Pavelac. Just looking for some insurance long term.

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    • i was in same dilemna i had cam ward/tukka rask/tim thomas
      you need to keep tukka rask/tim thomas pairing
      if anything maybe look to move pavelac

      and i recently grabbed Keri Lehtonen off waivers a few days ago and hes actually starting tgonight so awesome job by me but my issue was wether to drop tukka or ward

      im bias bc im from boston and cant help but love the bruins play this year so i decided to drop ward and keep thomas/tukka/lehtonen vs. thomas/ward/lehtonen

      tukka clearly is going to get a lot more stqarts than anyone anticipated hes playing the same 1.66 gaa and .944 save % as thomas

      id stick with the thomas/rask pairing because your going to get great stats and a ton of wins, tukka may not play much but hell prolly play the same amount as emery in the end of the season and i think crawford was just benched to show that they could make emery the starter but since emery is clearly not their go to guy, crawford is going to get majority of starts here on out after being benched for thsoe games he knows he needs to step up

      through 32 games ward has 12 wins
      through 13 games tukka has 8 wins

      so that was my thinking ward is apowerhouse and will play more games than prolly any goalie in the league this year but the canes suck and dont provide him much chance for wins

    • Stick with Rask. Crawford has started three straight games and he is starting again tomorrow.

    • i kinda like owning thomas & rask... i think thats insurance!

      granted emery seems to be the starter but u never know if they will go back to using crawford.


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