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  • jsleeps- jsleeps- Dec 7, 2011 10:30 PM Flag

    Crosby / Giroux Trade

    Hey all..

    Some guy is getting all crazy over Giroux, and rightly so.

    He has sent me a trade offer of Crosby, J. Thornton and Lidstrom for Giroux.

    I'd drop Krejci and Bieksa to accommodate.


    I'm pretty torn on the whole Crosby health situation. If Crosby is healthy I don't think I can pass this up but it is a big if.

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    • I would totally do it. Crosby will be back this season. Your getting so much for a hot unproven player, take the proven group. It seems everyone is getting head injuries these days.....

    • BUMP

      Glad I didn't take this. Just FYI. I had a bad suspicion bout Crosby and lingering effects. Plus its 1 yr league non keeper.

      Giroux out 1-2 games max. Crosby.. who knows. If I took him I wouldn't of been able to dump him off to anyone.


    • then take the trade, and trade Crosby for someone like Patty Kane or something, people will jump right on the Crosby ship. Thorton and Lindstrom will still outperform Giroux and Bieksa...
      realistically, Giroux could/should end up with 100 points. and Bieksa? maybe 30? 35? .. so 130-140 points roughly..
      Thorton.. should easily get 82+ points.. and have a better +/- than Giroux based on defense and tending.. and Lindstrom is on pace for 50+.. and again, a better +/- than Bieksa.. now keep in mind.. i set Giroux's ceiling at a very very respectable 100 points.. nothing says he'll break through like that. so far so good, but again, basing it on consistency and past, there is no support for this. Bieksa will be lucky to end up with 30-40 points again i'm being very generous. So you'll end up with roughly 130-140 points from the first pair, and a much more consistent 130-140 points from Thorton/Lindstrom (i realize they are the same figure, but looking at the history, and the teams, i say this is the more likely of actually reaching that total). and on top of the points, the +/- and PPP of Thorton/Lindy will eclipse that of Giroux/Bieksa. Crosby on top of this, yikes, like i said, take it .. and if you're worried.. don't act worried, and try to get someone like Kane or Kopitar or something for Crosby, and let him be someone else's problem.

    • I would make this deal without even blinking.

    • I would take the deal and run and hope people dont veto the trade. the only way u lose this trade is if Crosby injury is more then what it is being played out to be.

    • ummm.. i can't believe someone offered this.. yes.. you do this.. you take three of the most talented players in the league for their respective positions for a star. Giroux will put up big numbers yeah, but compared to what you're getting.. wow. so.. just compare this..
      Giroux, Krejci, Bieksa = ??? points.. vs.
      Thorton, Crosby, Lindstrom = ??? points..
      i know which trio i would take. without a doubt. what a Darryl.

    • As long as you have some crappy players to drop go for it for sure. Crosby will put up points in the games he plays and Thornton annd Lidstrom are proven producers in their positions

    • do it if you think crosby will stay healthy and if you think the sharks will get their shit together, if I were you id take that instantly.

    • No dont do it....your an idiot

    • accept thorton crosby and lidstrom will all put up big points


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