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  • Matt Robinson Matt Robinson Dec 7, 2011 7:31 PM Flag

    Big Trade Offer

    i am considering offering a guy crosby and dan boyle for h sedin and shea weber?
    bad idea or no? i feel like it evens out and i need another stronger defence then boyle

    my defence currently are:
    Pronger (IR)

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    • its not a bad offer at all. Just feel like for me to give up crosby it would have to be me winning the deal.

      You would have have to draft Crosby early and had to wait out his injury for a month. You could have taken H. Sedin instead of Crosby probably. So for you to wait out a whole months production to do a trade that is okay I wouldnt. I own crosby in my league and used a 2nd rd pick for him and now people want him from me but ive made it clear if i trade him its not going to be an even trade. The opposing GM would have to overpay for him.

      Weber is great and an upgrade over Boyle. But i still believe crosby is better then Sedin. The guy has 12 pts in 8 games. Averaging 1.5 pts a game. Sedin has 30 pts in 27 games which is a 1.1 pts a game.

      hope this helps!

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      • i drafted stamkos originally, traded him and benn or crosby, eric staal and briere when crosby was about a week away from coming back, so i barely had to wait for crosby to play, if they are more cautious with him throughout the season which i believe they will be then this would be a good trade for me i think personally but im still considering it and waiting to see if the other guy will take subban or hamhuis instead of boyle which would give me the win for sure

    • make the trade.

      Crosby will be sitting out the next two games. Not that its a big deal, but you know that the penguins are going to be VERY cautious about everything with sid. Considering they are a dominant team as well, i see Crosby sitting quite a few games this year to ensure he will be absolutely 100 percent come the post season.

      Here is how i look at it. Sedin and crosby are write-offs, meaning, you will get about the same production from both from here on out, give or take 10 pts.

      Boyle for Weber...obviously Weber is the man you want. Will have better numbers overall, boost your defense immensely. And should crosby have about 10 more points than sedin, Webers points of boyles should cover that spread nicely!

      So ya, make the trade!!

    • Thanks! anyone else? i feel like this could make or break me so far, i am in second in my league and dont wanna fuck it up now haha, i am also trying to take boyle out and give subban or hamhuis since the guy really wants crosby and if that worked i would definitely do it

    • I think you should do the trade. Can you help me out now and vote on this poll please here's the address for it http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/542336 and please pick 3 forwards, 2 defencemen, 1 goalie for each conference

    • I personally dont think this is a good trade for you. Crosby and henrik will likely put up similar points, crosby with a few more if anything.

      I disagree that weber is an upgrade from boyle. Boyle is on a higher scoring team which hasnt scored as much as they should be resulting in his lack of production so far. He is still the PP quarterback of the team and its only a matter of time before they start lighting it up. Hes a seasoned veteran and too good to be in a season long slump. I love weber he is one of the best all around defenseman in the league but fantasy wise i dont think he is an improvement from boyle

    • thanks! any other opinions?

    • I think the trade is good for you. Weber is a huge upgrade over boyle, and crosby is similar to hank, seeing that he's lacking in goal-scoring but getting the assists.

      Please reply to Howard or Quick, thanks!


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