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  • Scott Scott Nov 23, 2011 4:31 PM Flag


    Trade 1:

    I get: Gaborik and Kulikov

    I give: Sharp and Enstrom

    Trade 2:

    I get: Versteeg and Seabrook

    I give: Selanne and Visnovsky

    whats the deal on the two trades??

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    • The first trade gives you a big defensive boost, but loses you eligibility with Sharp. Gabby is a productive player, but I am not so sure I would take this just for Kuli. Maybe try another way to get Kulikov. I would take the second trade

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      • my league is all about goals and assists pretty much.

        really the trade that has me worked up is the Sharp/Gabs trade.

        Once Richards and Gabby start clicking I think Gaborik has the potential to be 80 plus poitns. I really dont know much about Sharp and what he will look like this year. I'm trying to get rid of my IR defence, i really doubt enstrom will have another 50 point year with his injury and the schedule winnpeg has this year, sure they are on a win streak (3 games) and visnovsky will definetely not have a 68 point year again

    • Enstrom is a wash compared to Kuli when healthy. Sharp for Gabby is similar as well. All you are doing is giving up the flexibility of Sharp's eligibility. I don't really get what you are going after.

      Second trade is the same way. D for D and RW for RW/LW. I don't get the point of the trade, but I would actually take this one. Versteeg is not quite Selanne, but I'm down on Visnovsky (and really all Ducks not named Selanne).

    • really need help with this one


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