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  • James MF James MF Nov 16, 2011 9:34 AM Flag

    Perry and Zetterberg

    I'm getting anxious about keeping these guys around.

    I'm in a 12 team points keeper league. Categories are G (1.5), A (1), W (2.5), SO (3). We don't count anything else, so Zetterberg's SOGs don't help, and neither do Perry's PIMs.

    I would appreciate hearing what people think about P & Z's prospects for the season, and whether I should: (a) try to move them now (and who I might target); (b) wait a while and hope their values increase before moving them; or (c) stop worrying because they're both elite players and will turn their seasons around.

    Here's my roster:

    C - Roy, Zetterberg (also LW), Bergeron
    LW - Benn (also C), Fleischmann, Hall
    RW - Perry, Carter (also RW), Hemsky, Horton
    D - Shattenkirk, Fowler, Leddy, Enstrom (IR), Zidlicky
    G - Crawford, Luongo, Neuvirth

    I'm not able to watch the games so I don't know how they're playing or how their teams look apart from what I'm seeing in the box scores and on the various hockey blogs. I know Detroit's starting to play better, but I'm worried about Anaheim.

    I appreciate the comments, and I'll return the favour. Thanks.

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    • Perry seems to be turning it around a bit. his line is way to talented to slump all year. he also racks up PIM which gives him good value at all times. Zetterberg really seems to be struggling, they even broke him up from Datsyuk. Along with that and his injury history he worries me more than perry

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      • I don't necessarily like the fact that zetty's value is so low, a lot of people might not be willing to pay the price he's worth at all times. Your Perry situation is tough too since PIM's aren't valued in your league. the guy has the potential to put up the same amount of goals again but i just can't see it happening for him. Ryan and Perry are unreal, look what happened to Marleau and Heatley though when Joe Thorton decided to not do anything for an extended period of time, the value of those around him decreased substantially... That being said, Perry's output highly depends on Getzlaf, which i don't like. I don't like Getz being part of any equation as i see him also turning into a power forward as opposed to a scoring presence. The guy has hit his ceiling years ago, he will not repeat it for the rest of his career.


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