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  • Cory Bartlett Cory Bartlett Nov 14, 2011 7:07 PM Flag

    Kessel Help

    Just want some feedback on how to approach kessel. Should I trade while high in hopes he do in fact cool down and try to receive a top forward i.e. St. Louis? What kind of offers have others done or received for Kessel? Or should I just hold on for the long haul? Thanks for your help any questions on your pool just ask.

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    • Sell high.

      I think kessel will have a career year but no where close to an elite year (90+points).

      I just traded kessel ribeiro and Douglas Murray for kesler semin and letang

    • If it helps I took Bobby Ryan for him in a keeper that counts hits as well as standard scoring. Still had Eberle, Carter and Skinner to shuffle for right wing and centers but my left wing situation was atrocious.

    • Five guys who've been under-performing, should get better, and probably have frustrated owners: Zetterberg, E. Staal, Getzlaf, Parise, and Datsyuk (window is closing on him).

    • i'm in the same boat.....have a straight up offer for zetterberg on the table and i'm debating it. The only thing holding me back is that it's a keeper league and kessel has decent health history compared to zets.
      If it was anyone of greater value than zets i would say go for it i guess? does anyone think zetterberg is enough value to sell high on?

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      • right now i would be shopping Kessel around for someone the likes of Corey Perry or a Martin St. Loius. His value RIGHT NOW is quite a bit higher than zets however i like zets' consistency compared to Kessel, and don't forget, Kessel is a bandaid too. Another important fact is that well, Toronto hasn't had an intense month and a half of hockey yet, playing ottawa a couple times, Columbus, Montreal etc. so the scoring opportunities have been there for Kessel so far. (Montreal not the best defensive team thus far). Kessel's scoring touch will be effected by who they play in the next two months (more power house teams - Buffalo, Boston, Washington, Dallas, LA, etc. ). bottom line, Kessel will not likely keep up his pace. Zets has performed in what would be debatable as the toughest division in the NHL (WITH THE EXCEPTION OF COLUMBUS). So i mean bottom line, his value is high, i would try and trade him, Zetterberg would be where i kind of would draw the line for bottom value, you should try to aim higher first, and if no one bites, taking zetterberg wouldn't be the worst thing. on top of it you get position eligibility with zets.

    • i was able to get weber, lidstrom and pominville for kessel, gagne, fowler. i would sell high; looks like leafs are already starting to slump.

      which lws should i go after by trading lecavalier straight up?

    • I'd trade him while his value is high because I don't think he'll keep this up, but I doubt you can get someone like St Louis for him ... unless you got some Leafs fan in your league ;-)


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