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  • Alex M Alex M Oct 29, 2011 6:18 PM Flag

    Stupid stat categories

    1. GWG- A total crapshoot every year, you can't draft for this. Get rid of it. Pure luck.

    2.PIM- Rewarding your team for the time a player spends NOT on the ice? Get rid of PIM and put HITS in it's place. It takes far more skill to hit people consistently and not take penalties.

    3. Shooting %- Flat out stupid, means nothing.

    4. Shots against- Why penalize your goalie for bad defense in front of him? It's not his fault how many shots he faces. That's why we have GAA and Save %. Remove shots against.

    5. ADD BLOCKS- Give some added value for DEFENSIVE defensemen in fantasy. We always follow the SOG and PPP for d-men, how bout some fantasy value for the d-men who actually play defense?

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