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    1) Ribeiro or Elias?

    2) Too early to drop Downie? He's my main PIM guy but he's killing me with the lack of production.

    3) Elliott in St. Louis or Khabibulan in Edmonton? Not looking for starts (I have 2 top goalies), looking for extra depth and long term value.



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    • A) I would probably stick with Elias, especially if positional play is important in your league. Both are fairly consistent 50 plus point a season players.

      B) it's a little early to drop him, just don't play him against the league lightweights like Washington, Detroit and Montreal. Save his efforts for the Florida's and Phillies of the league. And especially the Rangers with their 7 majors to date - that's basically one per game.

      C) Khabibulin, his numbers border on freakish so far given the team he has in front of him. And he has a ton of starts, sadly not enough wins. Considering that they have about the lowest goals for total in the league, it's a sad state of affairs when their goals against total is even lower and Edmonton still manage to find ways to lose. The Oil will get better and the Bulin wall will help them.


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