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  • Zain Zain Oct 20, 2011 11:56 AM Flag

    My team: Invincible?

    I know, its probablyy not invincible, but this is the first time i've ever played fantasy hockey, I don't even follow hockey anymore - until this year...what do you think of my team? I basically chose last years statistics, in combination with career numbers and for defenders, I tried to pick the defenders with the best +/- and on the best teams, and goalies on good teams who will get lots of wins...no players were chosen on reputations because I don't know who has a repuataion or not! Except possibly Ovechkin.

    1. (2) Alex Ovechkin (Was - LW)
    2. (23) Claude Giroux (Phi - C,RW)
    3. (26) Marc-Andre Fleury (Pit - G)
    4. (47) Jimmy Howard (Det - G)
    5. (50) Danny Briere (Phi - C,RW)
    6. (71) Phil Kessel (Tor - RW)
    7. (74) Kris Letang (Pit - D)
    8. (95) Tomas Kaberle (Car - D)
    9. (98) Patrik Elias (NJ - LW)
    10. (119) Brandon Dubinsky (NYR - C,LW)
    11. (122) Brent Seabrook (Chi - D)
    12. (143) Matt Carle (Phi - D)
    13. (146) Tuukka Rask (Bos - G)
    14. (167) Clarke MacArthur (Tor - LW)
    15. (170) Grabovski (Tor- C)
    16. (191) Danny Cleary (Det - RW)

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    • Are you sure this is your first time playing fantasy hockey? Because with statements like; "but if ovechkin gets back to where he was, i think i can win the league." makes you sound like a seasoned veteren.

      Your team, like everyone's is far from invincible, as another poster mentioned, you have a three players from an exceptionally crappy team - I agree in trying to move Kessel or Grabovski, who I personally think might be easier to move. Unless your league has a couple of leaf fanatics, then send them Kessel, along with a copy of the parade route and get something real decent in return.

      One of your saving graces is your goal tending. Three netminders on three teams that tend to have winning seasons. Granted Rask may not see a lot of starts but you won't need many from him to get the job done.

      Your defense is functional but not stellar, Letang is not likely to repeat last seasons numbers and the rest are reliable enough. Here's a great spot for you to improve and use Kessel to do so, Lidstrom or Boyle are the obvious choices, perhaps a trade can be made in that direction.

      Up front besides Ovechkin, you have a ton of players that every year folks hope for higher numbers than they produce. Elias and Briere always seem to be on the verge of something big - but the reality is we have basically seen thier ceiling at this point in time. You might get someone to overpay a little for Briere because he's a Flyer - offer him up for Malkin - its a little bit of a risk with the uncertainty of his return - but the other GM might just start getting a little nervous.

      If your league favors multi position players, moving Dubinsky might also be a reasonable option, he's not going to be a point a game guy, but a ton of folks believe he will be. He's great trade material.

      By the way I really like your last pick, Cleary always seems to get over looked at the start of the season and then he's a popular guy mid way through.

    • Not going to lie, I wish I had this line-up. Trade Kessel for another top winger while he's still statistically the best player in the league because I don't think it will last. Not the most consistent player. If you're lucky I think he could get maybe 40G, 40A. Nothing more. Which is still good, don't get me wrong, but maybe some idiot in your league will give up Stamkos, D. Sedin, Kopitar, or Vanek for him. Personally, I feel like they would be better options in the long run. But I see by the amount of Leafs there are on your team, you might disagree.

    • I think you're in for a rude awakening.

      Your team is solid, but not spectacular. Above average.

      Borderline playoff team in most leagues.



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