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  • Zain Zain Oct 6, 2011 7:09 AM Flag

    Add/Drop help


    This is my first time playing fantasy hockey, and I haven't really followed the NHL since 1997. Bearing that in mind, please can you help my team.

    I have one too many RWs, and I am 1 LW short. However, the LWs on the WW are not that great. What should I do.

    Nathan Horton

    The best LWs are clarke Mcarthur, Glencross, Booth, Jussi Jokinen, Antoine Vermette, Wojstek Wolski, Andrew Brunette etc etc

    What should I do?

    Scoring stats are

    G A PIM PPP +/-

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    • Well considering the best LW's at the position are 40 - 50 point performers, you are probably best hanging onto your logjam at RW cause even the unknown Jagr is a better option then the FA pool.

      As other posters have said - trading is your best option, it's just not your best option this week. In a couple of weeks when someones topline RW gets injured they'll be looking to trade for quality and you happen to have the part to spare, that's the time you can parlay your fortune into his treasure by getting a better LW than you could right now for a straight out trade.

      In the meantime I would suggest you drop your worst defenseman (your benched guy) then pick up a free agent LW. Or if need be, run one D short for a week or two, but try and keep those RW's until you can play alchemist and transmutate one into gold.

      Good Luck

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      • Excellent advice, thanks for that. Unfortunately for me, I auto drafted (albeit I had the number 1 pick) and it "wasted" the first pick on Sedin. And it also picked up Anti Niemi as my goalie as my number 3 pick! so I had to drop my two extra defensemen for two crappy back up goalies (Rask who isn't crappy but he'll play only 25-35 games, and the backup for Niemi)

        I will put niemi on the IR and pick up one of those LWs, depending on the matchups etc...


    • I wouldn't drop any of those before the season has started, try to trade with someone.


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