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  • Zain Zain Oct 3, 2011 11:22 AM Flag

    Is Jagr still good?

    The categories are:

    G A SOG PIM +/- PPP

    and for goalies

    I should have mentioned, that I missed the first part of the draft so my first 3 picks were all done via the autodraft. Even after not following hockey for so long, even I would have drafted Ovechkin first..but lets see how that works out.

    Since I didn't really know who most of the defensemen were and which teams were decent, I just picked guys who had a good +/- from last year and decent numbers on the power play. I'm sure i'm in for a rocky season, but thats what the waivers are there for. There are only 4 goalie stats, two of those stats can be won with 1 goalie alone so hopefully I should be ok. Why isn't bobrovsky the number 1? he seems to have had a decent season last year?

    anyway, here are my goalie free agents

    Dan Ellis
    Brian Boucher
    Tukka Rask
    Cory Schneider

    Its quite difficult following ice hockey, since I live in the UK, and I do not have a passion for it anymore (Despite being a Toronto-nian). But I appreciate the help, I'm sure I'll finish in the playoff places as long as I don't give up.

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    • Bobrovsky was fine but the Flyers picked up Bryzgalov in the off season and agve him a huge contract

      Does you league have goalie minimums? Most leagues-- its a minimum of 3 games in a week or you forfeit all goalie stats that week . If you have those, its an issue. Nittymaki is likely to play one game in 3 for a confident to make the playoffs San Jose while Philly has revamped enough that they might roll Bryzgalov a LOT if they fear not making the playoffs I could see lots of weeks where you struggle to make goalie games-- Oh and if you ever get NIemi hurt ?? Ouch. Get another goalie !!!

      Oh and the autopick thing helps explain a lot--

    • Based on those goalie free agents, if I were you I would probably decide to either

      1. trade for a goalie or
      2. accept that I might have to sweep the waiver wire some weeks to pick up a goalie to get the necessary starts-- you will have to watch carefully


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