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  • Nick Nick Sep 29, 2011 5:38 PM Flag

    DEEP Draft

    So I'm doing a deep, deep (see: marathon) draft on Monday. 13 teams so far, 29 man rosters. We're looking at 620+ players total. I'm excited, but I've never done a draft this deep before. Can anyone offer any advice when doing a draft this deep, especially on what I should be looking for in the later rounds? Should I be saving players with high PIM for late and that kind of thing? Any advice will be appreciated.

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    • 13 x30 would only be 390 to be drafted.

      In the late rounds I see people doing things like

      -- picking a bunch of high potential rookies
      -- going for the PIMS but often the best PIMS guys will be snapped up by someone in round 18 or 20 by someone with that focus

      That late I am generally just hoing to find someone who can be a single category stud since all the proven multi-category folks are gone--

      Bottom line is that on average you are 13 players deep on the roster of EVERY team so

      1. Goalies , goalies goalies-- With such deep rosters and their scarcity make sure you get an elite goalie and then some good ones

      2. Determine some categories you want to focus on and go for it right from the start

      3. Late you might be able to find plus minus-- There are lots of defensive d-men that dominate this category and ahve moderate PIMS and might be worthwhile instead of yet another generic 30- 35 point person

      4. Sleepers-- Try to find some that YOU think are sleepers-- If the hockey news thinks they are sleepers you won't get a crack at them so this involves some deeper looks at teams

      5. Know that a few of your late picks will be throw aways and someone will make a team that no one expected . So be prepared to discard and waiver wire


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