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    LF 2 GM's - salary cap, H2H league - Commish with years of experience seeking


    We're looking for 2 GMs for a Dynasty League. This will be our inaugural season in this league as we're trying something ambitious to expand and add another layer of involvment. Teams have drafted their Pro and Prospect rosters and two guys have have bowed out due schedule changes. We are now headed towards opening of the Free Agency period.
    I'll post the available team rosters in subsequent posts and you can take a look at the league here - - http://www.sartavos.de/hockey/dynasty/ in the mean time here are some of the basics...

    * Head-to-Head League with salary cap and a contract/signing system.
    * Salary Cap ($70.000.000) Minimum ($43.000.000)
    * Contracts/Keepers (we use contracts and have a system in place to allow teams to resign their RFAs and up to two UFAs per Offseason, we calculate a minimum salary and an "automatic-resign salary", i.e. GMs are NOT bound to what their players real-life counterpart earns when negotiating contracts and have some freedom regarding the amount of money they want to spend on a player)
    * Qualifying Offers/Offer Sheets
    * Free Agent Signings use a salary bidding system (winning bid becomes new player salary)
    * Teams have 24 roster slots (3 C, 3 RW, 3 LW, 3 F, 6 D, 1 G, 1 Enf (replaces F or D), 4 Bench), 26 Minor Team roster slots PLUS a Junior team for amateur players

    Tony orangetwenty@yahoo.com

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