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  • Jay O Jay O Sep 27, 2011 3:44 PM Flag

    Choose a RW

    With Horton recovering from head injury its probably best to grab Jagr. However its important to remember that most steller players who leave and then return to the NHL rarely reach the same plateau in terms of former glory prior to their hiatus.

    Remember he is coming from a league where he averaged 8th overall in scoring the last 3 seasons, and was surpassed in points by other former NHL stalwarts suchs as Radulov, Yashin,the returned Hudler and the tragically lost Pavel Demitra. All you need to do is look at ther recent NHL totals to give you an idea of were Jagr will probably sit points wise.

    I took a chance and made him one of my very late round picks - 12th - putting him in the same company as Cam Fowler, Mark giordiano and Stephen Wiess and a bunch of back up Goalies, basically 40 - 50 point guys, which is about what Jagr will produce based on his KHL numbers. Of course I am hoping he will give me 60 - 65 points, and if he does he will be a steal as a 12th round pick. If Jagr goes North of 65 points then I will be ecstatic.

    The real question is he worth the risk - Horton when healthy will add 50 - 60 points to your line up and Hedjuk about the same. With Eberle it's hard to say if he is going to improve on his rookie seasons 40 plus points or be bitten by the sophomore jinx - I would steer clear of him for now given that there are at least two players who have proven consistency in thier careers. So if you think Jagr can out shine Horton and Hejduk then grab him.


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