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  • Ardo Ardo Sep 21, 2011 8:29 PM Flag

    Crosby -- 7th pick too early?

    I agree with this guy Dave for the most part. I really believe that it's important to avoid too much risk with your first 1-2 picks, and then get ballsier with your 3rd or 4th picks onwards. Even though your strong finish despite Parise's help reinforces the notion that hockey drafts are won in the later rounds and with a good GK strategy, you really should be trying to get a reliable, consistent cornerstone with your first pick.

    If I'm drafting 7th and it comes down to Crosby or St. Louis, I honestly feel like I would take St. Louis. Much lower ceiling than Crosby, obviously, but he has proven himself consistent, he logs a ton of minutes (especially on PP), and more consistent linemates than Crosby has. I would much rather play it safe and have that certainty and then focus my strategy on the middle rounds, the late-round sleepers, and my GK strategy.

    Speaking of GK strategy, I disagree that taking a GK in the 1st round is any less risky than taking Crosby. Don't believe me? Ryan Miller's ADP in standard Yahoo leagues last year was 8.6. How did that work out for people that burned a top 10 draft pick on a guy who delivered average-at-best results in all categories (and ultimately got hurt and lost a good amount of playing time to his back-ups during the home stretch)? I have had pretty good results waiting until the 3rd round or later to take a GK (but definitely not TOO late). Last year I took Price in the 8th round and Crawford in the 16th and rode them to a 2nd place finish, but that was much riskier than I would've liked....but then again, ask the people who took Jimmy Howard in the 2nd-3rd round how that worked out for them...

    TL;DR - Crosby in the Top 20 is too risky for my liking, but I'd be more comfortable using my first pick or two on consistent skaters than overrated GKs...


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