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  • Andrew Andrew Sep 4, 2011 10:22 PM Flag

    Just drafted, how does it look?

    We had an early draft, wondering how my team looks at this point. 12 team H2H. Categories: G,A,PIM,PPP,SOG,FW,HIT and Goalies: GS,W,GAA,SV,SHO

    C:H.Sedin, P.Stastny
    LW:M.Lucic, J.Neal, D.Penner
    RW:J.Carter(C,RW), A.Semin, R.Callahan
    D:S.Weber, K.Letang, A.Goligoski, V.Hedman, M.Staal
    G:C.Crawford, N.Backstrom, O.Pavelec

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    • Its average like what everyone said,

      Personally i would get another Center or Left Wing instead of an extra defenseman, and you could've drafted a better goaltender if possible.

    • Not gonna make the playoffs like that.

    • Eh... Average offense. Good defense. Below average goal-tending. The offense could be better than it looks, but it also could be injured by the first week. One thing that you do have going for you is that you've got three goalies. It's a risk, but it may be a risk that could be worth it to combine one of them with one of your position players for an upgrade. Personally, I like to roll with three starting goalies, but for you to go very far, I think you'd have to make some kind of move.

    • To be brutally honest I'd say not very good. Henrik is hurt so he won't start at the beginning of the season, plus time to get back to game speed. Stastny had a really poor season and the Avalanche really look the same so I don't see him doing that much better. I like Lucic but I see him as a player that you pick in hopes he really breaks out this year. Neal is a big risk since he was terrible on the Pens and there is no telling how he'll do once Crosby is healthy. Penner is garbage. Carter i think will do worse since he has more responsibility and there isn't much if any improvement in linemates. Semin I think will have a monster of a season if he stays healthy but that's a big if. I like Callahan a lot actually. Weber is good, Letang is good. I don't like Goligoski this season because there is no Richards on their power play. Hedman and Staal aren't great for anything other than pims and hits. Crawford is a risk as he could have a sophmore slump. Backstrom started last year well but was terrible in the last half of the season. Pavelec is another risk because he was unbeatable at the beginning of last season but was awful in the last half.

    • Yea, I would say about average.


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