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  • Mike Mike Aug 27, 2011 2:27 AM Flag

    5 keepers

    i get to keep 5 guys, minimal stats g/a= 1 point, win=2 bonus 1 point for shutout

    3 for sure
    LW-Ovechkin, Datsyuk (lol not sure why he's lw)
    C- Backstrom

    pick 2 out of remaining players
    RW-Semin, Breire
    D- E.Karlson, Burns
    G- Fluery, Howard

    I was thinking Semin and Fluery

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    • Screw Fleury, he's inconsistent... go for Burns and Semin.. you can't find too many d-men that are gonna rack the pts that burns will

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      • if i had more keepers i would be keeping burns, but he is a bit injury prone too and concussions ehhh... but i will be going for him in the draft for sure he should improve by 10 points playing on the sharks and their is nothing wrong with mid 50s for a d man, i am thinking karlson over burns tho much younger and his deficincies in the back end don't really hurt me in this format (other than benchings) i think he could be a 60 point guy if not this year than next

    • Dude, Fleury is injury prone. Howard is #1 goalie with Detroit. nuff said. Along with Howard keep semin or karlsson.

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      • how good of a keeper will howard be after lidstrom retires, they already lost rafalski, in a few years they will be rebuilding. the penguins on the other hand are pretty stacked on defence and everywhere else for that matter, also fleury has a long term deal and howard got a lame 2 year thing.

    • ok thanks i was gonna keep fleury but i wanted to see what others thought of howard, and semin i guess i keep hoping he has a good year hopefully all the caps have a rebound year because thats how i structured my team and it totally screwed me last year

    • Easily Fleury. Semin is in a contract year, so he'll produce.

    • Fleury and either Burns or Semin.

    • agree, its Fluery and Semin no doubt

    • for last 2 it really depends on pool of whats left....keeping at least 1 goalie is good but id consider 2. However in long run id prolly take Semin and Fluery .;.although i think RW is deep this year but even the trade value of semin is prolly higher than your D or Howard

    • Fleury is a no-brainer. You shouldn't be asking us if you should keep him. You should. No doubt. I might consider keeping both Fleury and Howard if you receive two points for a win. You've got to imagine that the majority of top-tier goalies are going to be out of the mix. Howard isn't great, but at least you'd be able to focus your draft primarily on position players rather than having to work in two goalies (You are going to carry at least three goalies, right? It's the smart thing to do). Me personally, I'd pass on Semin. He's constantly getting knicked up and missing time. His last name sucks (not that his last name should matter), and he completely disappears in high-pressure situations. Fourty-five points from a twenty year old defenseman on a team as shitty as the Senators is nothing to thumb your nose at either, especially if plus/minus stats don't matter. I wouldn't expect seventy or anything like that this year, but maybe in years to come as Ottawa rebuilds that crap-pile they call a hockey team. If you don't keep Karlsson, you're going to be looking for defense the whole time in the draft. My advice for next season, maximize your freaking keepers. If you only get five, you might as well have Crosby, Ovechkin, Stamkos, Lundqvist and Luongo. You can pick up the rest of the pieces along the way. And that advice helps you absolutely none with your current situation aside from the fact that Semin, sadly, would probably be the best trade chip. So, having said all that, I think you take Karlsson or Howard, probably Karlsson.

    • Fleury is a slam-dunk pick, but I'm not so sure about Semin.

      I would rethink Semin but I really dont know who else you would take. Erik Karlsson should be a stud in the future though.


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