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    I'm new to fantasy hockey and I literally have no idea who most of the players are, lol... I see a list for sleepers a few threads down, but what are your players to avoid? Those you think will be busts or are ranked too high?

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    • You won't be winning any trophies takingthe alternatives of Franzen and Brown in the 5th

    • As far as ranked too high, these are the names that come to mind:

      Bobby Ryan #10: great player, but shouldn't be your franchise guy. More of a mid-2nd to 3rd round pick.

      Anze Kopitar #12: see Bobby Ryan.

      Pekka Rinne #13: don't put your faith in Nashville at this point of the draft.

      Dustin Byfuglien #40: 2nd half is more in line with his usual production than scorching 1st half.

      I doubt I'd call any of the above guys full-on "busts", and I expect them produce, so don't shy away - they're just reaches at their current ranking.

      There really aren't any players I would full-out avoid in the top 50, but I'm a little wary of Niemi and Price; Niemi had some serious inconsistent stretches, and SJ isn't really getting any younger. Price had a phenomenal year last year and has the talent to repeat, but prior performance wasn't nearly as strong. He's far from a sure thing.

    • Here are a few players I think are overhyped. Not quite 'busts', but let's say 'underperformers'...

      Ryan Kesler
      Nikita Filatov
      Sidney Crosby
      Vincent Lecavalier
      Tim Thomas
      Dustin Penner


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      • You can't put Filatov there, he's going to be undrafted in most leagues.

        I would have agreed on Thomas before the rankings come out. They have him as the 9th goalie and 34th overall, that's pretty much where he should be.

        Penner is ranked 164th, also about where he should be for the upside.

        Lecavalier was overrated the past few years but coming in at 70 you really can't argue with 65 points, 60 pim and 250 sog.

    • My #1 bust, even with Brad Richards - Marian Gaborik. Why people think this guy is worth a third round pick is beyond me. He's been in the league for ten years. Know how many eighty point seasons he's got? Two. Know how many seventy point seasons he has? Zero! Sixty pointers? Three! Are you really going to waste your pick on a guy that is about 50/50 on scoring 60 points? Now, also realize this. Of the ten seasons that Gaborik has been in the league, he's played seventy games or more five times. So, not only are you wasting your pick on a guy that may or may not produce, he may or may not even be on the ice to begin with! To make matters even worse, three of those five seasons were his first three in the league. Now he's nothing more than an overrated, injury prone waste of a draft pick.

    • my biggest guy whose overranked is Kopitar. I don't get how anyone points at the Richards signing and says it will make Kopitar better. They won't be on the same line and the team actually lost talent at wing in the offseason.

      He's a good player, no way a center with his stats should go at 12 though.

      Jeff Carter is another guy I think shouldn't be in top 30. Two 300 sog players on same line doesn't work, and his +/- is gonna freefall.

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      • Kopitar overrated? He's going to be a 90-point player one day, maybe already in 11/12. He's certainly better than Mike Richards. And what talent did the Kings exactly lose at wing? 5-goal-Ponikarovsky hahahahaha?

        Here are a few players I consider to be overrated:
        - J.Carter (like you said)
        - Wisniewski
        - Penner (OUT OF LA!)
        - Setoguchi
        - Heatley
        - Gaborik
        - A.Kostitsyn
        - Kovalchuk
        - Mike Green (new defensive style hurts his point total)
        - Halak
        - O.Jokinen


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