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  • AnzeSaint. AnzeSaint. Aug 21, 2011 3:29 PM Flag

    best player in the national hockey league

    first of all dont fuckin tell me i smoke crack buddy boy you know nothing of my girth..#topsavecove #joeshog and second of all have you seen bobby ryans goal versus the preds in the first round of last year?? hands down that play alone makes him the best hockey player in the world and if you dont agree then you can suck my dick pussy and go fuck a dick. peace out

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    • dude why do you just cus people out when they have a different opinion from you. You really need to relax buddy. We can all agree that was a nice goal but one nice goal doesn't make a player the best in the league. As it stands bobby ryan has never had more than 71 points while some of the popular choices such as stamkos, ovy and crosby all have surpassed that mark already (and at his age too). don't get me wrong bobby ryan is a great hockey player and he improves every year so who knows maybe one day he'll develop into a 90+ point player when he hits his prime, but as it stands you have to give it to the big three and throw some consideration towards daniel and henrik sedin.

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      • bobby ryan? my god

        i love bobbo but not the best player in the league.
        Thomas of detroit already put out a nice reply and set the record straight for ya there Anze. just listen to us and move on

        crosby, ovi, stammer, sedins are the essentials, then ya got ya next guys like
        getz, perry and B.richards making a name for himself


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