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  • Cote Cote Mar 10, 2011 9:35 AM Flag

    boycott Zdeno Chara

    I'm inviting everybody to drop Chara to the waivers in solidarity to Max Pacioretty of the Montreal Canadien.

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    • It wasnt a dirty hit. Really wanna see a dirty hits watch washington they got knee to knee elbows to head putting a guy out for the rest of season. The hit was clean and if you watch it over and over you'll see the guy chara hit turn into the hit.

    • ok i dropped chara....now what do I do ?

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      • Everyone saying it wasn't intentional is a dumb fool!! everyone knows it was. I played hockey..and trust me id know what id be doing if was chara. What else was he trying to do? Check him? Cmoonnnn people!! this is the wrold we live in...as long as you say the right things..you get off...it was intentional please you people discust me...he said he didnt know it was pacioretty hahahahah cmon are you guys dumb? seriously? Ask yourself...am i dumb?

    • chara is a monster.
      you don't pick a fight with a guy that is 6'9"
      you don't taunt him after you score a game winner in OT either.
      Pacioretty is a little weasel.
      He didn't deserve the severity of the injury but he definitely had this coming to him.
      you're a fag. lol

    • Here's an idea. If you want solidarity Cote, why don't you add Pacioretty to your roster you f###in' goof!

    • Hey Cote!!!!

      What a freakin crybaby, you and the rest of the Qweebeckers.

      The rest of us, the NORMAL Canadians and Americans should boycot Qweebeck.
      God how we wish you would have just left when you had the chance. You are the snot nosed, always crying for a handout, little whiner to the rest of Canada.
      Please do leave next time, all they way to France where you came from. You are what you are, French (see the Second World War) nothing but an embarrassment.

    • Zdeno chara didnt do anything!!!!
      just a victim of circumstance

    • OH No - are you eating paint chips again

    • Get a life!!! It was an unfortunate outcome on a clean hit! There was no malice. Look at the video, not only did Chara not look back after the hit (if you intend to nail someone, you look back to see if he's on the ice, or at least watch your own back after a pasting), but it wasn't til the whistle blew that he even realized anything happened. How about you place a little blame to the guy who thought it would be a good idea to put a 1' inch piece of foam to protect players from the steel and glass partition when playing a fast, full contact sport.

      The only reason I am replying to the stupidity of this mssg brd, is because of it's absurdity, and you may actually make a reader think that the hit in question was executed with the intent to injure. Do everyone a favour, and reconsider before posting your next boycott request, you don't know what you're talking about!!!

    • Chris you are an idiot and the bench door did open moron. You clearly know nothing about hockey as it is a rough sport, as for max getting hurt I really dont give a shit. He is a pest and deserved to get hit, because someone gets hurt on the ice does not require a game misconduct. Perfect example was the jack johnston hit on ryan smyth. 2 minute minor with no suspension and symth separated his shoulder and got a concussion. How bout you give your head a shake retard as the hit was not dirty just a shitty turn of events. The puck got pushed forward because max is a pussy and didnt want to take a hit which in the end he did. He is a dirty player in the first place and just goes under the radar, no one would be making this big of a deal if it was a well known pest like cooke or avery.

    • While its an unfortunate accident, I'M TRYING TO WIN A F##KIN' HOCKEY POOL HERE!!!

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