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  • Jay Jay Feb 16, 2011 2:24 AM Flag

    Did I do anything right?

    Right, ninth place, so I decided to take some risks.

    Dropped J Williams, took Stafford.
    Dropped A Ladd, took Grabner.
    Dropped S Doan (he got hits, eh), took D Phaneuf (some guy JUST dropped him for Liles and he's slow on points but he gets some MUCH needed SOG + HITS)

    G, A, +/-, PPG, SHP, SOG, FW, HITS, W, SV%, SO. (H2H, win most categories in 1 week)

    My team now looks like this:
    C - Kopitar
    C - Bergeron
    C - Couture
    W - Briere
    W - Giroux
    W - Lucic
    W - Stafford
    W - Grabner
    W - Clutterbuck (grabbed him cause he's been hot AND he got my depleted category in hits; now that I have Phaneuf who gets hits, should I drop him..now/when he cools off?)
    D - Enstrom
    D - Wisnewski
    D - Rafalski
    D - Enstrom
    G - Rinne
    G - BOB
    IR - McCabe (D)

    Was on auto-draft at beginning of season, almost of all these guys were pick-ups, as you can probably tell haha.

    FAs (decent) in my pool:
    C - Brassard, Umberger (C/W),
    W - Recchi, Ladd, Gionta, Kane, Purcell, Pominville, Pacioretty D - Zidlicky (IR), Salo, MA Bergeron, Corvo, Pitkanen

    Anything I should do/should have done? Thanks!

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    • Trades look like there working out so far. My question is. Is it in your best interest to roll out Briere& Giroux both being RW's from the same team?

    • I think you did ok as long as those players continue on the tear they are on. Williams always worries me with his injuries. Ladd has been cooling off and phaneuf was a good pickup, i think except his +/- sucks.

      I am in a league that includes hits. I picked up Clutterbuck and man does he make a difference. I would not drop him. He has been playing well of late and he does his job in that category. I would keep phaneuf and him. Last night was a perfect example, Clutterbuck had a pp goal and 5 shots and 5 hits, that is fantastic. He plays on a line with Havlat most of the time and gets 2nd unit pp time. Stick with him I would say. If i am in a hits league next year, I will be sticking with him for sure. He will be on my radar in the later rounds for sure.

      Otherwise, I think you did ok, like I said, you are relying on players staying hot, keep riding hot streaks and it should get you into the playoffs.

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      • Chris, that was great help, thanks so much!!
        Finally, someone that understands Clutterbuck's value, haha

        And to the other person, Briere and Giroux are kind of the reason Philly is doing so well, they usually don't even play on the same line unless it's a PP. N
        ot only that, on Yahoo, they're listed as W when they're actually C's getting me FW. :)
        Also, they provide stability for one of the best teams: if Giroux is in a slump, Briere holds the team, and if Briere isn't doing great, Giroux is.

        But I would love to hear from more opinions if possible, the ones I've gotten so far have been great! Thanks!