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  • Hayden Hayden Feb 13, 2011 7:51 PM Flag

    Is it time to drop Hossa?

    Well the person Im trading to wasn't offended so I guess it really doesnt matter, huh?

    And seriously, the only reasons it sounds absurd is because all that stands out is the big goal disparity between the players. But Kunitz in leagues that have PIM as a scoring cat (such as mine), make him near the same value as Sedin. Here's what I mean:

    Here's some of Sedin's stats for the season so far:

    G 29 A 44 PIM 22 SOG 117 HITS 8

    Ok, granted those are some pretty nice 3's for goals and assists. Heck Kunitz and Hossa combined have only 30 goals. But Kunitz easily makes up for any lost value by having:

    PIM 43 HITS 119

    The league I'm in is a high scoring one so for the whole season Kunitz has 449 pts, and Sedin has 509. Thats not a horrible difference, if you add in Hossa I think that's pretty fair. If I was in that position, I would have no problem trading Daniel.


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