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  • A Yahoo! User Feb 10, 2011 12:25 AM Flag

    how is my team 9th of 10

    i can agree that my goaltending is horrible but i thought my offense is pretty stacked. not to mention the fact that most of them have dual eligibility so i can pack in alot more games than most into the week. i thought my defense was reasonable too, minus montador. not really sure why hes on my team haha

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    • You have a team of nice names. All great potential, but if you look at there seasons they all have hit high points then died out or havn't hit the high point yet but havn't even played average. I'de sell Gaborik quick before everyone really catches on that he won't top 60 points this year, for a Goalie. You should be able to find someone who likes the idea especially if they have 3 solid options and it won't kill them to lose 1. Dump Mont and ride the weekly hot hands from the 14 or 30 day lists. Take a risk on Forsberg and Frolik RIGHT NOW! Roll with -1 D for the time being until Fors goes back onto the expected IR in 3 weeks. Cheers.

    • ur right about the position eligibilty... problem is your great D icludes Green who hasnt done anything this year

      gabby was injured a long time and same with callahan.... injuries hurt man

      but you dont have any stars... ur best player doesnt even have 50 pts and then you only have a couple others in the 40s your roster has some name recognition but they just havent done much yet this season


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