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  • Ardo Ardo Feb 7, 2011 4:28 PM Flag

    Trade Malkin in Keeper?

    does that mean perry AND luongo? or perry OR luongo? if you're talking about getting both of those guys for an oft-injured guy who is about to have major knee surgery, then you're either: a) dreaming or b) making the trade with your girlfriend in exchange for a vacation or a diamond or some shit...

    I might make the trade for Perry. I'd only make it for Luongo if you're getting killed in GK stats year in and year out and there is no nope for you elsewhere (draft, prospects on your bench like Reimer or Khubodin, etc.). yah Perry hasn't had a 100 pt season yet but he's also only 25 so I'm assuming that it's coming and probably soon. you're gonna look like a genius if you get Perry a year or two before he starts posting 100 point season and meanwhile Malkin misses a bunch more time over the next few years with various injuries (which is starting to seem really, really likely).

    also, Malkin's value takes a major hit with Crosby being pretty much f***ed for life with those concussions. Bylsma and PIT's training staff are IDIOTS for sending him back out during the Classic and in that next game against TB, but that's a different story. bottom line is Crosby could EASILY be the next Marc Savard and that could seriously hurt Malkin's ability to post 100 point seasons. who's he going to do it with....jordan staal???


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