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  • Michael Michael Jan 31, 2011 1:49 AM Flag

    how bad is this? Giving away crosby?

    Who wins? Team a gets Crosby for team b gets e.staal and ladd.

    My league is blowing up that this is a crazy trade and should be vetoed. Looking for outside thoughts please give thought or two

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    • Crosby has had his first concussion which means we are not sure when he is coming back nor how long it will take him to get back to the form he was before the concussion. Getting staal who is playing like a top 20 player and ladd who is pretty good for a lw is a fine trade. You cannot expect someone to give a top 5 or so player for a player that been out with a concussion...does not matter who that player is.

    • No veto. Ladd is a decent fill in at a rare LW position. Staal is pretty awesome in his own right. Crosby's still injured and probably about a week out and there's no telling if he'll come back to form right away or not. Too many factors in this trade. There's no way one can say there's definitely collusion or even that it's definitely lopsided.

    • I would veto that trade. Ladd is nothing more than a throw in in this trade and Crosby is leaps and bounds better than Staal.

    • Selling low on Crosby but assuming no collusion then there should be no veto. If they veto because they feel that it's one-sided (i.e. jealous) then it's a sad league you are in.

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      • That's kinda how I feel about it. I'm the one that is getting crosby in this deal. I don't even know the guy - I'm actually the one who is the "outsider" in this league of old highschool friends.

        Staal is decent for sure but he looks like a mini version of crosby and Ladd is somebody i picked up of FA pool weeks ago. He's doing well, I just think he isn't going to maintain his point pace. There's an army of guys like Ladd out there IMO. The other team did need a LWer though so I still don't think it's the worst move for him. The FA pool is picked pretty clean at this point.

        Obviously if Crosby doesn't come back for a while due to the concussion I could be eating crow, but I'm willing to take that chance.

        Everyone freaked out about it cause they wish they had made some type of low ball offer to the guy.

    • Crosby = beast, even when injured.


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