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  • Cole Cole Jan 13, 2011 11:10 PM Flag

    3 Year Keeper League Evaluation

    Year 1 of a 3 year keeper league. We keep 6 forwards 3 D and 1 Goalie moving forward into next season.

    C - Thornton, E.Staal, Kesler, Skinner
    LW - Zetterberg, Nash, Neal, Leino
    RW - Kane, Horton, Downie, Alfredsson
    D - Boyle, Edler, Chara, Goligoski, Fowler
    G - Thomas, Halak

    BN - Stafford, Hornqvist, Couture, Rask, Vokoun, Schneider
    IR - Spezza, E.Kane

    Who would you pick for keepers moving forwards and what changes need to be made?

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    • I would be fine keeping Edler or Fowler on D as well so I am thinking of trying to trade Boyle and someone like Neal/Horton/Spezza for a top winger?

    • I agree with him in the most part, but i also love younger keepers as well & it looks like SJ is having problems. Not to mention thornton is getting older. Maybe trade bait.
      I think Evander kane could be an up & coming star!

      Goalie is easy.
      Tim Thomas

      Chara - Goligoski & Boyle

      Nash,Zetter,Kane,Kesler,Staal & E Kane.

      Maybe see if you can trade Thornton & say one of the 6 i mentioned like Zetter for a stud.
      I am sure you can get one.

      Good Luck.

    • These would be my choices...

      C - Thornton, E.Staal, Kesler

      LW - Zetterberg, Nash

      RW - Kane

      D - Boyle, Chara, Goligoski

      G - Thomas


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