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  • Digested Chimichanga Head Digested Chimichanga Head Dec 20, 2010 3:52 AM Flag

    Who should I trade?

    well either way your team is stacked. I don't have a hate on for edmonton don't get me wrong. but the way I see it, edmonton should have a lot of players available in the FA list right? say someone does pick up hemsky, there should be a few others from there to pick up right? like omark, gagne? I don't know, alfredsson is in a slup right now but will snap out of it. but I suggest offering either of them up, hemsky or alfie. hemsky is more droppable tho. if you're really stuck on hemsky, then drop alfie. I get where you're coming from about the average stat thing. hemsky was producing when he was playing.


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