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  • Jesse Jesse Dec 15, 2010 9:45 PM Flag

    who wins 2 trade combo

    hey guys its a full team keeper league and I'm looking for advice.

    so the first trade with team 1 was:
    I give: Malkin, C. Anderson
    I get : Marleau, Quick

    Then I flip Marleau around in this trade:
    I give: Marleau, D.Sedin
    I get : Nash, E.Staal

    I'm trying to make my team younger which is why I wanted to get quick for anderson and move sedin now. My team is more aimed at the future not really next year. Thanks for the help guys.

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    • So the result is you lose: Malkin (24), D Sedin (30), Anderson (29)
      And gain: E Staal (26), Nash (26), Quick (24)

      You have indeed made a younger team so that goal is met. Still, not sure I like that you're loosing the 2 best current fantasy threats out of the 6 in Malkin and Sedin. I guess a lot depends on your timeline for winning your league but I'm not sure what size leage doesn't see a core built around either group of three players competitive this very year.


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