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    Who should I keep???? I need your help !!!!


    Hey guys... 10 team*keeper* H2H

    My Team:

    C- John Tavares * Young
    C- Logan Couture
    C- Jordan Eberle * Young AND Beast
    LW- Milan Lucic * Doing great on a good team
    LW- Patrick Marleau * Getting back on track
    RW- Alex Semin * Top 5 Fantasy RW
    RW- Dustin Byfuglien *Amazing and plays RW/D
    F- David Booth
    D- Zdeno Chara * Has atleast 4 more years left in him
    D- Dion Phaneuf * Young and good
    D- P.K. Subban * Rookie with potential
    UTIL- Zach Bogosion * Young
    UTIL- Dustin Penner
    G- Ondrej Pavelec * Have to wait and see how well he does
    G- Jon Quick * Very good this season and young

    BN- Alexander Frolov
    BN- Jeff Skinner
    BN- Evander Kane
    BN- Martin Broduer *???? OLD

    IR- Chris Stewart * Expect alot out of him/young
    IR- Guillaume Latendresse
    IR- Kyle Okposo * Young

    I have alot of young studs. Who should I keep? Who should I move around to try to get a better player? I was thinking since Semin might go to Russia's League, I should move 'em while he's hot along with another guy to get a top 10 player... I can only keep 5 players! << lol

    *= Potential Keeper (15 of them; with an explanation)

    Any help at all is appreciated. Thanks!!!

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    • Semin, Quick, Eberle, Big Buff, and Pavelec. IMO.

    • Hello Young Money...I know hockey. Players to keep are Lucic FOR SURE Semin for sure Logan Couture For sure. Lots of things can change in the coming months but as for all the people saying keep Quick, his backup is better then he is and who knows if he will even be the starter next year. As of right now I would say keep quick just because he is the starter right now lol and Byfuglien would be the best defence/ WINGER. Tavares don't keep, Eberle don't keep although very VERY talented I'm Canadian eH ;), Marleau will fall off track again soon, Chara is a Bum, Subban NO...NO although he is good not even close to top five on your team. Phanuf can't do shit, Bogosion is fucking awesome have you ever watched this kid play, but you can't pick him over Byfuglien. Ummm Broduer bad for a keeper league try and trade him and Semin for Datsuk and Hiller or something along those lines if possible. Evander Kane has no star beside him **insert now, he deserves consideration this is his first year actual gettin minutes with top players and hes going to thrive in the coming years. I didn't mean for this to be so long but you have A LOT of young talent. I don't know why would have such a young team when you can only keep 5 are you trying to kill yourself at the end of the year. OHHHH and Pavelec LOVE HIM HE IS A HOUSE, but is he going to fall like one again (...first game of the year falling like a house...what ever happened with that)... anyways hope to help you out a little bit gl.

    • quick, stewart, kane, semin, couture

    • I'd keep


    • Definitely keep; Marleau, Stewart, Semin

      Couture, Skinner and Buff are also good keepers

      If you want to keep a goalie, keep Quick pending on how the Devils finish the season, if they play well in the second half keeping Brodeur is also a possibility

      Phaneuf and Chara are awesome D, but not worth keeping

      With all this being said, if I had to keep 5; they would be


    • If its a keeper, I take Eberle, Skinner, Buff, Chara and Stewart. Yes you have a bevy of other good players but as you said, Semin's future is unknown. I would see what you could get for him. Both your goalies (Quick and Pavelec) are good, but chances are you can draft them back. If you do wanna keep one, take Skinner out of your Keeper list. Everyone else you have has some potential but questions as well (Tavares is a dud right now, Lucic is playing well but how healthy will be be). I would go with the guys I listed and try to get something good for Semin. If you do, sub Skinner out of the picture.

    • I would keep Tavares, buyfuglien, eberle, couture, and trade semin/ broudeur for someone big and if u get a keeper stick with him. I'd def not pick a goalie as a keeper in a 10 team leauge u could very easily pick up 2 good goaltenders the next year in the draft in the first round and probably as late as the 3rd.

    • SKINNER!

    • Alex Semin Dustin Byfuglien Zdeno Chara Dion Phaneuf Jon Quick

      There are my 5

    • i like:

      lucic or marleau (tough choice)

      good Dmen are hard to come by and you have 2 good offesive Dmen.

      Quick will be great and plays on a very solid team.

      stewert plays on a powerhouse colorado team and will put up good numbers if he stays healthy.

      now, marleau offers you a C,LW but his +/- is very weak. he will give you G and A as well as SOG. he does see good PP time so thats a +. his PIM is weak.

      Lucic is on a very good, consistent boston team. his PIM, G, A, and +/- is strong, however hes weak in SOG and PPP.

      skinner will be very good in years to come but he needs work, so keep an eye on him. couture will be a stud in SJ if he stays healthy.

      i seriously would stay away from the NYI. and move semin fast. hes starting to break down and may miss some time very soon.

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