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  • Casey Casey Dec 14, 2010 10:33 AM Flag

    semin trade - worth doing?

    What do you think of Byfuglien and Crawford for Semin? Too much?

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    • WAAAAY too much. I'd consider Buff for Semin alone... (Yes, Buff doesn't have the same pricetag to his name, but his points on D are far harder to replace than points from a RW. Additionally Buff isn't that injury prone and will get you more PIMs over the whole season.

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      • Ok, thanks. I'm a first year player and having a tough time getting handle on player's fantasy trade values. I have byf and crawford. I'm not desperate to trade them, but would like to try to upgrade c and fw positions if i could, and would be prepared to use them as chips. My other G are Bryz, Bob and Garon. HOw close to fair would an offer of Byf/Crawford for Semin and, say, Plekanec be? THey guy who'd get the offer already has Liles and WHitney on D, so he's not really desperate for D production (and might actually think of Byf as a RW), but looks like might need a Gman.


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