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  • Terry Terry Nov 29, 2010 4:23 PM Flag

    Kovalchuk trade

    I wouldn't do that in a keeper league. You've got to play the long game and figure that Kovalchuk will bounce back eventually.

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    • True, that. But by the same way of thinking - once Parise's healthy again he may be the more productive player between him and Kovalchuk over the long game. And in the mean time, there's some present, short and mid-term value in Ladd - especially on an improving Atlanta team. Do you think Parise might be at least as productive as Kovalchuk long long term? And Do you like the short- and mid-term value of Ladd (even if cools down) more than you like the chances of Kovalchuk getting back to full production before Parise's healthy? If yes to those, then I'd be tempted to take the deal. If you think Kovalchuk's going to get hot between now and them Parise's healthy, or if you think Kovalchuk's the more productive player long long term, then I'd say NO, especially since you'd be dropping someone else (and no idea who that'd be). Sorry for the long windedness. I think i'd take the Parise/Ladd offer for the simple reason that I think Parise's abetter bet long term, and Ladd's production in short term is the "bird in hand" compared to the "bird in the bush" production of counting on Kovy to get hot again.

      What do you think of the Spezza/kane package question?

    • my ir slot is open right now so i actually wouldn't have to drop anyone to make the trade, when parise comes back i would probably drop clark macarthur


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