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    Two offers for premier goalies

    My goalies are Varlamov, Ward, Johnson, Smith and Khabiulin

    Not so sure about them altho Ward could turn into a good goalie this year.

    Was thinking about improving my goalie but I just don't know if I should even bother. Anyways, I've been offered these trades.
    I trade: Ward, E Staal, Cammalleri
    I get: Kunitz, Gaborik, and Brodeur

    other offer is: Ward, Semin, Cammalleri
    I get: Pavelski, Macdonald, and Miller
    I thought about maybe countering with E Staal instead of Semin


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    • I have to say your best bet here is to not trade.

      The Brodeur trade you are this year trading for the name and history of great goaltending. He's been very very human this year and NJ is a MESS. Dressing 17 players a night due to cap issues is not a good situation for a goalie. Gaborik is a great scorer but very very injury prone and Kunitz's value is next to none. But you'd give up a solid starter in Ward, a good offensive weapon in Staal and Cammy has great potential for a big year.

      The 2nd deal is again another one that id avoid just based on what you have to give up:

      Ward < Miller
      Semin >> Macdonald
      Cammalleri >> Pavelski

      Semin has 80-90pt potential and Cammy is a 30g player youre getting NOTHNG near tthat back from this deal.

    • I would not do the Miller trade at all....your best option is either not to trade...or take the Brodeur trade if you have room to put Gaborik on IR. Kunitz won't be a huge factor this year.

    • It doesn't seem like trading Ward is in your best interest. I would consider the Miller trade, but if you're really hurting at Goaltender, I would look to have 2 solid starters and a combination of 2 of Cams/Staal/Semin should get you a legit starter in almost any league, so to lose Ward as well doesn't make sense. I would reject both and go after a guy like Lundqvist.

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