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  • Ronnibilly Ronnibilly Oct 21, 2010 12:48 AM Flag

    The Trade: Marleau + Semin for Carter + Sedin

    1 year league, regular scoring categories (7) and regular goalie categories (4).

    The trade gets better...

    Team A gets: Jeff Carter, Daniel Sedin, Niittymaki

    Team B gets: Marleau, Semin, Steve Mason

    This would leave me with these goalies: Rinne, Niemi, Niittymaki

    Who wins? Is it worth giving up Mason for the Sharks tandem? The offer has been made, its my choice to accept.

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    • Team B gets the upper hand on this one, and if this was a keeper than no brainer team B wins, Semin is going to be a 90 pt + guy this year, Marleau is on the best line in the league and last year was no fluke, plus both these guys play in all scenarios making their value very high, as per goalies Steve Mason has settled and is now 100% healthy, he's going to have a good enough year in Columbus and always has the capability to get you a shutout which is also very valuable where Nittimaki does not have that ability. Columbus is also an underrated team in my opinion in the West and should have a shot at a playoff appearance so Mason will also be good for wins this year.

    • Thanks guys, great input on a big trade. There is talk now that it might shape up this way:

      Team A gets: Marleau, Semin, Mason

      Team B gets: Carter, Heatley, Niittymaki

      Feelings the same on this? Team A wins because of the difference between Mason and Niittymaki?

    • I definitely would NOT make this trade because Mason is likely to be a decent #1 goalie vs. San Jose's time-sharing Fins = greater flexibility for you and better chance at more points during any given week. Also, I think Marleau and Semin will produce slightly more than Carter and Sedin. One caveat: if you have too many wings and/or need a center, maybe you need to make this deal to get Carter? Only you know the answer to that. Good luck.

    • i like the team B side. nitty is in a 50/50 time share, semin is a pure goal score (meet jeff carter) but on a better team, and marleau isn't as good as sedin, but it'll be a neglibile difference compared to the mason/ntty difference.

      check out my post on letestu please

    • I wouldn't.

      Marleau and Carter are even, if there is an edge I think it goes to Marleau.
      Vancouver hasn't looked that impressive yet, I'm sure Burrows will help open things up, but will also split some of the opportunities Daniels getting already. Advantage Daniel, but only slightly.
      Mason over Nitty in a romp. Personally I expect Niemi to be the Sharks #1 by Christmas.

    • I'd take it. Team A clearly wins this one.


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